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04:15:45 PM Jan 20th 2016
Mutants called Elric, who are aware of being different (presumably shunned and ridiculed by peers), looking for a place in the world, and schooled in alchemy and related disciplines?

A Shout-Out to Michael Moorcock and The Elric Saga?
03:48:38 PM Mar 8th 2012
  • Cute Shotaro Boy : Alphonse was this before his soul was placed in a suit of armor, and Wrath before he becomes a homicidal lunatic.

One, Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. Two, this trope is highly misused and this example does not give enough detail to see if it applies; please check the definition at Adorably Precocious Child before re-adding.
02:59:14 PM Aug 4th 2011
edited by gatotsu911
I'm not sure if Dante's plan qualifies as a Xanatos Roulette. Sure, it relied on chance to a degree and is therefore not a Xanatos Gambit, but it doesn't seem completely improvised and random either: she wants to get Philosopher's Stones so that she can continue to body-jump, but she wants other people to make them for her, therefore she cultivates the homunculi to serve as her minions and uses them and her influence over the Amestrian state to try and create situations in which alchemists will be either persuaded, provoked or forced into creating them; meanwhile, she spreads rumors about the Stone to ensure that only sufficiently skilled and determined alchemists pursue it, and once they've succeeded she can take it from and eliminate them without the populace ever catching on (since the Stone is believed by most to be a legend). It's complicated and it isn't foolproof (since it's possible no alchemist will be able to make the Stone, or that they may expend it before she has a chance to get her hands on it), but it's not random or absurd.
12:41:04 AM Jun 13th 2011
edited by R.G.
You have to wonder . . .

Was Barry the Chopper right? Was Al nothing but a construct created by Ed?

Yeah, I know. This question should properly be in the Wild Mass Guessing page.
02:48:05 PM Aug 4th 2011
No, because once after Al gets his body back he regains his memory of his time in the suit of armor after passing through the Gate.
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