The Power Of Love has these relationships to other tropes:

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Rule Of Romantic
The Empath
The Four Loves
Care Bear Stare
Heart Beat Down
Love Makes You Evil
Love Redeems
True Loves Kiss
parent child
Rule Of RomanticAbduction Is Love
''Attraction To Outliers
''Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other
''Beast And Beauty
''Chocolate Of Romance
''Coordinated Clothes
''Enormous Engagement Ring
''Flowers Of Romance
''Freakiness Shame
''Grand Romantic Gesture
''Happily Ever After
''Held Gaze
''I Want My Beloved To Be Happy
''Language Of Love
''Last Minute Hookup
''Literally Falling In Love
''Love Transcends Spacetime
''Must Not Die A Virgin
''Runaway Bride
''Runaway Fiance
''Swan Boats
''Train Station Goodbye
''Twirl Of Love
''Unresolved Sexual Tension
The EmpathThe Power Of Friendship
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