Mysterious Waif has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Big Brother Instinct
Damsel Errant
Damsel In Distress
Mysterious Stranger
The Herald
The Woobie
parent child
Damsel In DistressDetermined Widow
''Badass Damsel
''Distressed Dude
''Wounded Gazelle Gambit
''Badass In Distress
''Decoy Damsel
''Damsel Scrappy
''Deliberately Distressed Damsel
''Distress Ball
''Dragons Prefer Princesses
''Badass Adorable
Mysterious StrangerThe Drifter
''Enigmatic Minion
''Mysterious Backer
''Mysterious Employer
''Mysterious Parent
''Mysterious Watcher
''Mysterious Woman
''The Omniscient Council Of Vagueness
The HeraldThe Obi Wan
The WoobieWheelchair Woobie
''Monster Sob Story
''Jerkass Woobie
''Stoic Woobie
''Iron Woobie
''Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds
''World Of Woobie
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