Macguffin has these relationships to other tropes:

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Plot Device
A Mac Guffin Full Of Money
Artifact Of Attraction
Artifact Of Doom
Briefcase Full Of Money
Clingy Mac Guffin
Dismantled Mac Guffin
Egg Mac Guffin
Going To See The Elephant
Grays Sports Almanac
Hostage For Mac Guffin
Im Dying Please Take My Mac Guffin
Just Eat The Mac Guffin
Living Mac Guffin
Lost Superweapon
Mac Guffin Delivery Service
Mac Guffin Escort Mission
Mac Guffin Girl
Mac Guffin Guardian
Mac Guffin Location
Mac Guffin Melee
Memento Mac Guffin
Mineral Mac Guffin
No Mac Guffin No Winner
Pirate Booty
Plot Coupon
Ransacked Room
Sound Stone
The Presidents Daughter
Unholy Holy Sword
parent child
Plot DeviceAmplifier Artifact
''Artifact Of Attraction
''Artifact Of Death
''Artifact Of Doom
''Chekhovs Gun
''Convenient Eclipse
''Deus Ex Machina
''Diabolus Ex Machina
''Plot Coupon
''Mac Guffin
''Magnetic Plot Device
''Translator Microbes
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