Laser Blade has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Absurd Cutting Power
Cool Sword
Energy Weapon
Enhanced Archaic Weapon
parent child
Absurd Cutting PowerAbsurdly Sharp Blade
''Razor Floss
''Hot Blade
Cool SwordExcalibur In The Rust
''Royal Rapier
''Heroes Prefer Swords
''Katanas Are Just Better
''Black Swords Are Better
''Sinister Scimitar
Enhanced Archaic WeaponFlaming Sword
Energy WeaponRay Gun
''Hand Blast
Enhanced Archaic WeaponAutomatic Crossbow
''Boom Stick
''Chainsaw Good
''Energy Bow
''Evolving Weapon
''Flying Weapon
''Precision Guided Boomerang
''Retractable Weapon
''Rocket Powered Weapon
''Sharpened To A Single Atom
''Static Stun Gun
''Talking Weapon
''Telescoping Staff
''Trick Arrow
''Vibro Weapon
''Elemental Weapon
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