All Girlswant Bad Boys has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Love Interests
Troubled But Cute
parent child
Love InterestsLove Triangle
''Little Sister Heroine
Troubled But CuteAll Girls Want Bad Boys
Love InterestsAll Guys Want Cheerleaders
''Beta Couple
''Cake Eater
''Disposable Love Interest
''First Love
''Girl Of The Week
''Implied Love Interest
''Loves My Alter Ego
''Lust Object
''Official Couple
''Master Of The Mixed Message
''Relationship Sue
''Replacement Love Interest
''Second Love
''Settled For Gay
''Single Woman Seeks Good Man
''Student Teacher Romance
''Temporary Love Interest
''The Obstructive Love Interest
''Third Option Love Interest
''Unwanted Harem
''Unwanted Spouse
''Old Flame
''Damsel In Distress
''Satellite Love Interest
Troubled But CuteBroken Bird
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