Agent Peacock has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
In Touch With His Feminine Side
parent child
BadassBadass Transplant
''Awesome Aussie
''Badass Normal
''Action Girl
''Weapon Across The Shoulder
''Badass Pacifist
''Badass Family
''Badass Adorable
''Specs Of Awesome
''Badass Army
''Retired Badass
''Badass Spaniard
''Badass Mustache
''Badass Damsel
Bad AssLittle Miss Badass
BadassCultured Badass
Bad AssBadass Driver
BadassBadass Minds Think Alike
''Badass On Paper
''Badass Bookworm
In Touch With His Feminine SideCamp Gay
''Camp Straight
''The Dandy
''Real Men Wear Pink
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