• 6 Nov 10th, 2017 at 5:05AM
    Lastest Reply: 22nd Nov, 2017 04:29:57 AM
    Hi, my first post ever!

    I want you to help me find these two movies, this is all I can remember about them:

    1. A grim dark animated kids movie, little dance numbers included, with a kid who happens to kill a cat and then its ghost haunts and talks with him during the rest of the movie. Pretty messed up, I know.

    2. An animated puppet movie (series?) with the, I would like to say, children of well known monsters. I think the protagonist was the son of Frankenstein's monster and that it happened in their school (which I think was a castle).

    Any clue would be much appreciated, these two wreck my mind the days I remember them! Reply

      The second makes me think The Mini-Monsters, but that's regular animation.

      yes, it isn't what I was searching for but thanks for bringing those back!

      1 Could it be Gahan Wilson's The Kid?

      2 Could it be Li'l Horrors?

      My dear lord, I'm so excited right now! THOSE TWO WERE, ALMOST TWENTY YEARS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

      Hmm, I wonder where you watched Li'l Horrors (I don't know if it was exported or not)

      My parents had satellite tv when I was young and on pay-per-view was Lil' Horrors, with english and spanish dub