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    There is an 2016 animated show on the Canadian channel Tele Toon starring a boy named Winston Steinburger, a cat named Sir Dudley Ding Dong, and a mouselike alien named Hampton. With a homemade space cruiser, the three explore the galaxy together.

    Can you help me with this one? Reply

      Link to imdb page Winston Steinburger And Sir Dudley Ding Dong

      So are your looking for someone to make a page for it or something?

      ^ Yes

      Can you think of some tropes that this animated series has an example of?

      Well for starters, Awesome McCool Name, because who would possibly get tired of saying "Sir Dudley Ding Dong?"


      I thiiink the forums would be a more appropriate place for this? Someone else will be able to tell you better, but this definitely isn't the right place— it's not really a board for coming up with trope ideas.

      Which category in the Forums should a discussion about coming up with trope ideas for a work that doesn't have a trope page yet belong in?


      Have you tried Ask The Tropers?