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    Western Animation
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    This would have been around the year 2000. Possibly cartoon network but not sure. The show was about three aliens with blue, pink, and green skin. The green alien was a nerd, the blue alien had a big forehead, and the pink alien was the girl. For some reason there was an emphasis on thumb-wrestling, which the characters referred to as "The Battle of the Brains!"

    It might have been from the creators of Mega Babies as I remember there was a short film about the creation of Mega Babies right before the alien show where the creators discussed how they invented the series. I also seem to remember it being in a similar drawing style. But it's not Mega Babies as I can't find the all-important 'Battle of the Brains' quote in it.

    I've been trying to figure out for years what the heck I watched! Reply

      It doesn't match up exactly but could it be Space Goofs?

      That looks familiar somehow, so you might be right, but what the heck is this thumb-wrestling thing I'm remembering so clearly? Are there any episodes where they thumb wrestle?

      I also remember a Thumb Wars show on Cartoon Network.

      No, it wasn't the live-action thumb wars show from the mid-2000s. This was a cartoon that I would have seen around 1999.

      Bump - still haven't figured out where the "Battle of the Brains" comes in...

      The thumb wrestling thing jgrif mentioned sounds like TWF. Thumb Wrestling Federation.

      I figured that out already.