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    I'm trying to find out the title of an old black-and-white movie about two men plotting the perfect murder, as a purely intellectual exercise — or so it seems. It turns out that one man intends to employ the scenario on the other, in revenge for the death of a woman he loved.

    It takes place in an isolated mansion, and at the climax the victim finds himself locked inside, while a recording of his own description of the perfect murder plays over and over. ("He is told he is going to die. He is told why he is going to die..." etc.) Finally, he breaks out and begins driving away at top speed, thrilled at the prospect of escaping and surviving (which was part of the plan — allow the victim hope, then kill him.) The other man appears on the road with a rifle, intending to shoot the victim as he rounds a bend, but has second thoughts and doesn't go through with it. However, the victim loses control of the car and crashes, dying anyway. (There was also a minor plot element about stamp collecting, because the final scene shows the victim's prized rare stamp burning in the car wreck.)

    I keep thinking this might be one of Alfred Hitchcock's movies, or maybe an episode from his TV series, but I can't find anything that matches it in his filmography. I also thought the leading man was either Cary Grant or Robert Mitchum, but none of their films match this plot either. Reply