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    Unforunately, I don't remember enough about this to know even what the medium is. It could be from a film, live action tv show, anime, western animation, or even some kind of LP or similar.

    All I remember is two characters introducing themselves to each other. The first one says their name, and explains how its spelled (something along the lines of "thats <name> with two <letter>s and one <letter>!" or something like that) and explains how they got their name. The second person does the same thing, but their name is spelled the expected way, so their explanation of why it's spelled like that is "because that's how it's spelled".

    I'm sorry, I know this isn't a lot to go on. Reply


      It might be Stargate SG 1...? One of Col. O'Neill's catchphrases is that his name is spelled with "two L's!" and he would hold up three fingers (implying the remaining one is his middle finger). This was a reference to how they replaced the original Col. O'Neil (one L) when they transitioned from the movie to the TV show.

      I don't think so. I've definitely never watched SG 1; it's not impossible that I saw a clip of it somewhere and that's what I'm remembering, but I don't think so.


      sounds like the beginning of Surviving the Applewhites


      Pooh's Heffalump Movie? I think "Lumpy" the heffalump had a really long name that he explained to Roo, whose name of course is just Roo. Or it could be Surviving the Applewhites, the book begins that way.

      It's definitely neither of those, sorry.

      Have you tried searching through Shaped Like Itself and Spell My Name with an "S"?




      Is it possible it's the movie L.A. Story? There is a character named San De E* that meets the lead (Steve Martin) and explains her name's odd spelling, and I think the exchange is similar to this.

      Might be "The Man with two Brains" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_with_Two_Brains) Dr.Hfuhruhurr meets Anne Uumellmahaye - both always had to explain how their names are pronounced, but immediately "get" the other's name

      It is definitely neither of those. Sorry.

      It's been a while since I read the manga, but in xxxholic the protagonist often explains that his name is written with the symbols for "April, 1st", or something like that. He meets and works with a few more "casual minded" people, and one of them might reply in such a fashion.

      WHOOPS, mispost! Ignore!

      It definitely wasn't xxxholic.

      Over a year later, I started thinking about this again. So BUMP on the off chance this sounds familiar to anyone.