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I'm currently writing a Novella about the aftermath of the death of the cool leader type of his group of friends. Most of the story is told via the memories of his friends, and family as flashbacks. Most of these are set off my a set of letter's he wrote for all his friends before he died, after he had a near death scare.

What I'm wondering is what themes are the worst/best ones to use to create perfect Tear Jerkers and Moments of Heart Warming ?

I have two of his friends who broke up reuniting, and his letter helping a shut-in, be inspired to start living a real life.

Any one have any other ideas for themes that will send readers on an emotional roller coaster?
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There's a list of tropes under Tear Jerker and Heartwarming Moments that will be helpful.

In general, I suggest anything that you can understand and write well. And something that fits thematically with your story.

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As a rule, it's not so much the themes that create Emotional Torque as how you write about them. Try not to be too overtly manipulative - less is more, and readers tend to resent big, flashing 'YOU SHOULD EMOTE NOW' signs.
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A small scene with the deceased just shootin' the shit with their friends goes a long way towards making the audience care. I really think it's one of the reasons The Big Chill has aged so badly.

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Indeed so. Simply showing characters in a mundane, non-stressful situation can go a long way towards making the audience care about them.
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Well, I got that covered in my story in spades - mundane moments. Paying a card game, chatting over a meal, doing daily stuff. It's to the point that I'm afraid of killing one of them off.
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Resolve old tensions. Have someone finally get the chance to apologize for something he/she said or did to someone else—not necessarily something big. Have an old misunderstanding finally get cleared up.

Have them find out something about the leader that none of them knew.

Oh, and have at least one letter/event have a negative effect, or have no effect on someone in a negative situation, to balance out the emotional tone.

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Well, you could have one who was harboring feelings for him. Maybe crying at his grave? Then he could be caught by the resident loudmouth jerk and, after some begging, Loudmouth Jerk promises not to tell anyone. Cue hug and brotherly affection admission from Jerk. Just a suggestion.
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Thanks for the advice.

I was already working with the jerk idea though having him go to grave and weep would be nice.

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Leave loose ends-things that the deceased would have done if they hadn't died.
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Whenever i write something I consider to be a momentous tearjerker, I tend to be very matter of fact about it. And trite with words.
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^ Same here. Use clinical language instead of flowery description.
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Meta Advice: Don't label anything, especially not your intended tearjerkers or crowning moments of heartwarming. Readers will get the picture, and you talking overmuch about working to make readers react a certain way will make them feel like you're doing it to get more popular.

Not-so-meta advice: Tearjerkers and Crowning Moments of Heartwarming should be specific to the story and characters instead of something that's so generic you can replace the names and setting with something else entirely, and also occur naturally instead of some contrived tragedy. But be careful with the last one. If it could have been too easily avoided readers will bang their heads, and too much inevitability will have the readers cease to care since nothing could have been done about it. (I know there's a trope for the last one but I can't remember the name.)
The story's already based around an accidental death, funeral, and after effects of such, so avoiding tragedy is out.
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Well, avoid making it get worse too soon, then?
Oh I intend for all my tearjerkers to come out of flashbacks, and the heartwarming in the present.
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