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This is pretty cool. I've been working my way through the random dungeon in ZHP, and I noticed something odd about the background music: some of the lyrics were changing between visits. Bringing my full mastery of the Japanese language to bear (i.e., recognizing a few words) I realized: it's generated from a bunch of samples to match the "Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger Theme" in your Status pane!

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-Would find it amusing if she wound up only being a side character in her own game-

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..."Bondage Ranger...!"

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Started playing Soul Nomad and suddenly got my ass kicked by Dio.
On a counterattack after me annihilating his flunkies, he took half HP off Revya. On his own turn, he first finished off the protagonist, meaning it's already Game Over, but then he proceeded to blow up the rest of the party with his special.

That was pretty damn epic for a game's Butt-Monkey surprised

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Yeah, for an alleged loser, Dio's pretty badass in gameplay.
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[up] And I always wanted to try Phantom Brave. Is it a port, or is it a completely new game?

Also, total ZHP fan here.
Criminal Girls coming to the PSP by Nippon Ichi

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...Yeah, not the least bit excited for that...
Eh, it's a niche game but I'm a little excited to see how it will turn out.
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More information on the punishment system in Disgaea 4. As well as introducing the male Yin-Yang mage. More like Yin-Yang Trap.
Wow capturing just got more in depth, though I wonder if they've revealed any more info on the story or characters yet.
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^^ Well, it is a Yin-Yang mage...
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Ugh, i hate capturing, never udnerstood how it worked. The enemies I tried to capture always ended up breaking my base -____-;
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Got to the bottom of the first random dungeon in ZHP.

At level 100, Flonne one-shotted me... And I didn't find a singe Innocent that whole time. Argh...
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Hmm... from what I can tell, capturing works by the following rules:

1. You can only capture class tiers that you can make. (e.g. If you can make a Ghost but not the second tier Boggart, then trying to capture a Boggart will always destroy your base panel).

2. The lower the monster level compared to the highest character level in the base panel, the greater your chances of capture.
Pretty much just waiting for Disgaea 4 now. Don't have a PSP so I can't try any of those games out. Like that Zettai Hero Project one.
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[up][up][up] Ah, we all have that ;-; The trick is CADAVER SPAMMING. Find a zombie and a mirror in 1 floor, combine the two for infinite spawning zombies, and attack attack until you're a sufficient level.

I first beat her postgame at level 200-ish, so depending on where you are, you might want to do a bit more than that.

Also, the second one is owning my ass. I managed to get at floor 37 of 100, and spawn right in the middle of a HERO INTERCEPTION BASE ;-; So I die.

But I'm like "HELL NO" so I reload my savegame and start again. I was in the caravan at floor 33. No money. No items. I effectively screwed myself over. If I had just given in, at least my insurance would have saved most of my money and items, including my (epic equipment spoilers) Unlosing Weapons and Giga Darkdeath Body :C

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Funnily enough, for about 30 floors of that dungeon, I had no food items in my inventory. I managed to survive by letting my health drop just around the point where I'd be one-shotted by any enemy that could actually damage me, then use a potion, as well as instantly using any non-health potions on the spot and eating any worn-out cloud legs or harpy legs I could.

It was kind of surprising how well that worked out.
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When you're a high enough level, danger of starving isn't much more than a minor inconvenience. However, if it's combined with a lava room, that's when it gets dangerous.

Or just do that thing I told you about with a Silk Hat equipped, Silk Hats give you EP for monsters killed :3

By the way, have you unlocked the Tiger Den already? It's a facility gotten when you get 10 Innocents. It will save your life.
Just got it.
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Get it in there. When it's in your base, all your active employees (as in, the ones in Facilities you've placed) get stat boosts, depending on where they are. Believe me, you will enjoy being able to get a lot of food, reparations, deliveries, and free item insurance. And being able to use the caravan multiple times.
Yeah, I plopped it in the moment I got it. It was the whole reason I scaled those 60 floors which got me NOTHING *grumble*.

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Myself, I tackled the dungeon a couple of times, but didn't beat it until in the postgame.

And now the second one is kicking my ass. How many were there, 6?

oh god.

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