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Epic Mickey:

 1651 Pipping Fool, Thu, 15th Mar '12 6:45:52 PM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Man of Flowers
But Wolfy, the promblem there is that squeezing in 100 years of Disney history is no easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. If this was going to be a trilogy like they planned, there would have been more time to cram in all that Disney Goodness.

That being said, seeing some of the othe forgotten caracters (Like Jaspers from the Alice Comedies) or early drafts/cut characters (Skinny!Alladin, Simba's Son, The Gryphon, Mock Turtle, Jabberwockey, Lion, Unicorn & Humpty Dumpty from Alice In Wonderland ETC) would be welcome.

The darling of darlings
 1652 CTM, Thu, 15th Mar '12 7:02:26 PM from Connecticut
I want Disney to let Spector make his Duck Tales game.
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[up][up] True. But what we got wasn't even particularly forgotten, like we were promised. Some cut concepts in some of the settings would have been a plus, for example.
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 1654 Pipping Fool, Thu, 15th Mar '12 10:17:11 PM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Man of Flowers
Too bad that many other features were cut from the game as well.

I would have loved the shit out of the Mad Hatter's Labyrinth.

(Why Yes, Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney flick, how did you guess~?)

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The darling of darlings
 1655 takashi. 0, Fri, 23rd Mar '12 1:37:06 AM from Somewhere Relationship Status: Brony
All hail Pinkie Peixes

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