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I'm working on a series called 'Trickster's Children'. The plot is that the Trickster, a Chaotic Neutral demigod whose purpose is to induce chaos in the world, is trying to choose a successor (he's not immortal). So he gets his six kids to go out and try to change the world, and whoever most impresses him will become his successor.

Anyway, I'm thinking of saying that the very first Trickster was Wihsakecahkw, the Cree Trickster-God, and the Tricksters have always had a fondness for the Cree people. As a result, the youngest child (who works through a Nakama) will befriend a Cree girl as the start of her team.

I'm just worried that, as a white person, it might be offensive for me to write about Cree mythology.

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I don't think it's per se offensive, and those who feel that, automatically, someone not of their culture writing about / fictionalizing aspects of their culture and mythology is offensive are way over-sensitive and arrogant and, frankly, are looking too hard for offense.

That said, be careful. For one thing, do your research. What pisses people off is someone completely missing the point. The other thing to avoid is tying anyone's culture or mythology to the "bad guys" in your setting, especially in a ham-handed way.
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"Offensive" and "appropriative" are two different things. Yes, what you are doing is appropriative; no, what you are doing may not necessarily be offensive. If you handle the religious elements with respect, you may be able to accomplish the task. And, hey, the world can always use more First Nations characters. (Or any First Nations characters.)

Though I would advise you to consult with actual Cree people on this, if you can. I reckon they know a bit more about their own mythos than you do.
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