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Jonah Falcon
UbiSoft has dropped the dreaded "internet connect" DRM for R.U.S.E.

And the Fandom Rejoiced.
Jonah Falcon
My hat is my friend.
Awesome, I'm going to buy it now.

-Sun Tzu
Thats good. I liked the gameplay, but I still find the overall asthetic of the game really, really weird. I'll buy it now though.
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 4 the Librarian, Wed, 11th Aug '10 4:59:30 PM from his own little world
That all you got?
Okay, I forget how it works now. Isn't it Risk with a lot more technology involved?
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My hat is my friend.
Its more similar to Diplomacy, in the sense of alliances and scheming. But it plays similar to Axis and Allies.

-Sun Tzu
Jonah Falcon
It'll use Steam instead, but that's more palatable. Just a one-time internet activation.
Jonah Falcon
Are they still trying to sell that whole touchscreen table version of the game that costs something like $32, 000?

 8 onyhow, Thu, 12th Aug '10 7:27:17 AM from Thaddis Sabbah, still fighting Vaygrs Relationship Status: Singularity
Mothership online...also adorable
@Ricko: Considering that it won't even have Kinect support at launch, probably not...
I want Kat's glasses!
I tried the demo, but didn't like it. At first it looked too slow even for me, then it seemed too fast when I lost.

Hmmm... Let's just say I'm not that good at Real-Time Strategy games.
They Called Me Mad!! I decided to show them all; but when I looked on my works, oh mighty, I despaired: for it made me realize they were right.
^So then how does it play like? Is it mostly Turn-based, or Real-time? Is that "deception and decoy" thing just a minor gimmick, or does it actually make a difference?

edited 12th Aug '10 8:07:56 AM by SgtRicko

Finally uploaded myself an Avvie
I want Kat's glasses!
It's real-time. Enemy units appear on the terrain as casino tokens (small for infantry, big for armor) until you send some recon to see what kind of infantry/armor it is.

Ruses do things like generating fake units/structures, or switching token types on your enemy's screen, etc.

All of this is a little old in my mind, as the demo was only available for a week-end a few months ago. I really didn't play it much, because I was quite turned off by the absence of a tutorial (probably because it was just a demo).

edited 12th Aug '10 8:24:25 AM by Medinoc

They Called Me Mad!! I decided to show them all; but when I looked on my works, oh mighty, I despaired: for it made me realize they were right.
So I'm playing this demo right? It looks like a generic WWII RTS. I'm invading Italy when the German headquaters in the area deploys a Maus tank. The Maus is the sort of ridiculous vehicle that 12-year-old war fans scribble in class. The Germans built one in real life, of course, but they never got it working right. So they worked in this game. That's cool, it's a nice Oh Crap moment and tactical challenge. Then to counter it, I'm given an early forties field artillery piece that shoots nukes.

Meanwhile at the secondary objective, infantrymen who have captured a research lab say "Wow, they were working on some scary stuff in here" to let me know that I can now build flamethrower tanks. Half a dozen mushroom clouds loom in the background.

What on God's green Earth am I playing here?

So what's the consensus, guys? Is it just a rental, or worth buying?
Finally uploaded myself an Avvie
If its on sale on Steam and you like slower paced RT Ses, get it.

 15 Totemic Hero, Sat, 28th Dec '13 8:08:42 AM from the next level Relationship Status: Abstaining
Spit taker
Pointless thread necro to answer a three year-old question is pointless. (Seriously, check the post dates before posting.)
"These days they have a stat for how many times a guy goes for a cup of coffee." -Mark McGwire
And here I was thinking that someone else had discovered this little gem of a game... oh well. sad
Finally uploaded myself an Avvie
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