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The Ant King
It's strange that we don't have one of these, so I made one. For the discussion of
Kill all math nerds
2 Tzetze10th Apr 2010 08:28:36 AM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
I liked the Most Baffling Sex Scenes in Comics one. WTF?
Holy shit. I think the motorcycle samurai is from somewhere near Portland.

That photo's gotta be Portland.
It does look like it's one of the streets that the MAX uses.
Professional Nerd
That photo's gotta be Portland.

...Holy shit. That isn't just Portland, that's the Pioneer Express bus stop I take to and from college every other day (I'd recognize those Nordstrom mannequins from anywhere). How the fuck did I miss this in person?

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7 Justice424315th Apr 2010 07:56:30 PM from Portland, OR, USA , Relationship Status: Brony
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Seventy-fucking-eight. This woman chose to swallow 50 spoons and forks, then thought "fuck it," and swallowed 28 more.

Thanks Cracked, I guffawed heartily.

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FimFiction account.
Accept the madness
the new one by jacpo was good.

then again anything by jacpo is good he is the second best cracked writer
Don't make me angry.
Best site EVER.
Rock Paper Scissors
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better than us?
Don't make me angry.

Except 4Chan

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Rock Paper Scissors
Accept the madness
4 chan goes without saying as the best site in the entire internet
Don't make me angry.
It must be said, for if it is not, them may be angered and crash the whole internet.
Rock Paper Scissors
Accept the madness
the raids are the funniest.

the problem with 4 chan is the lack of new, epic raids like habbo or goddes goldmine. the best recent trolling thing we did was fort longcat in second life
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Here's where you can find everything *I've* written/made for Cracked. Too bad the editors actually created some glaring mistakes here and there* that they won't fix for me.

  • Calling spiders insects.

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16 StarkMaximum16th Apr 2010 05:30:51 AM from someplace funny i dunno
I missed this avatar.
Hey, I liked Nature's 6 Most Diabolical Predators. And that "WE HAD A DEAL" comic was really funny to me for some reason.
17 PippingFool16th Apr 2010 07:38:43 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
I did too.

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18 Stranger16th Apr 2010 09:19:36 PM from Nowhere in particular
goat milk?
It must be said, for if it is not, them may be angered and crash the whole internet.

So 4chan is basically like The Fair Folk, now?
Don't make me angry.
Rock Paper Scissors
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4chan USED to be like that, but they have become substansially weaker.

look up "the cancer that is killing /b/" on ED

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21 Tzetze16th Apr 2010 09:26:31 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
NO to 4chan derail. NO. This is The Cracked Thread. Talk about 4chan in another thread.
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but cracked is a stagnet topic.

4chan is ever changing
4chan is overrated.
Her Royal Highness
4chan is overrated.
4chan is overrated.

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