Ever17 (spoiler thread!):

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226 superangelo12827th Jun 2012 12:04:42 PM from Camarillo, CA , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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I think the Kick the Can thing is one of the few unexplainable things in Ever17
So... any news on the remake?
Never7 full patch is out now!!!
Sad.... :(
[up] So we have the whole trilogy actually translated? Hell Yeah! I smell a marathon cool
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They're not really a trilogy and we don't have everything in the series either.
evn though Never 7 is generally considered the weakest of the Infinity series.I can't wait to play it,because it was the first game ever made by KID/Infinity team.Its original version(released for PS 1)was actually called Infinity,then it got an updated port called Never 7 for Dreamcast with added routes and expanded stories(the PC version we are playing with patch is based on the Dreamcast port)and the patch adds some stuff from the PSP port(better music and TI Ps with trivias and informations for Ever17,Remember11,and Never7.Obviously,it's recommended finishing all three games before seeing them.).

It's not a trilogy,but these three are essentialy the most important games of the Infinity universe that should be played(along with 12Riven,which the translator will work on next).If anybody wants to marathon them,the order should be:Never7,Ever17 and Remember11.

The translator is also planning to work on 12Riven and I/O(not part of the Infinity series,but one of the main writers did this game,so it should be interesting.)

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Really? Never7 is weaker than Remember11? Frankly, I thought Remember11 kinda sucked.
well,that's what I heard,anyway.12Riven isn't exactly the most popular entry either,but that's probably because it was finished by another company when KID went bankrupt(though I believe they kept the staff to finish the game),but I heard Never7's final route(Cure)is just as great as Ever 17's Coco,so let's judge it by ourselves,right?
234 Anarchy31st Aug 2012 03:35:55 AM from Perak, Malaysia
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There's an on-going LP of it [[here http://brokenforum.com/index.php?threads/let%E2%80%99s-play-never7-the-end-of-infinity.3143/]] if you want to check it out.

Man, Ever17 really is the best, questionable prose style aside. Remember11 did suck, but it had some good moments in it, I think.
Never 7 is looking okay so far. I just didn't care about most of the people in Remember 11 and when that happens my enjoyment of a series is kinda doomed.
236 Zakamutt3rd Jan 2013 02:22:05 PM from Uppsala, Sweden.
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I just realized that in the first CG we see of the kid, right there in the prologue, he has blonde hair. Holy shit.
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