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Hey. You. Hexen fans.

All four of you.

Play this.
 252 Shirow Shirow, Sun, 24th Oct '10 3:06:23 PM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
You're mine now
Yessir, Charlatan, Sir.


Such silly looking trees.
Fight the Good fight or get out of the way.

Trust me, the later maps are far, far better.

edited 30th Oct '10 2:36:05 AM by Charlatan

 256 Shirow Shirow, Sun, 31st Oct '10 8:43:12 AM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
You're mine now
My childhood innocence! You killed it!

Then again, i did play Doom before i played Pokemon...
Fight the Good fight or get out of the way.
this mod is completely insane.
 258 Darxzero, Tue, 9th Nov '10 11:16:59 AM from The Mansion
Black Inches
^ The good kind of insane, or the Lovecraftian kind of insane?
^^It's absolutely insane. Playing it on the WTF difficulty makes my head hurt.

Jonah Falcon
DOOM IV preview in Gamepro.
Jonah Falcon
 261 Blackmoon, Thu, 11th Nov '10 2:21:26 PM from the Blind Eternities Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Your Worth is 50 Yen!
fuck that shit, man, the original's where it's at.
 263 Rocket Dude, Thu, 11th Nov '10 8:41:07 PM from AZ, United States
This hat doesn't fit!
@JAF: What, no link for the lazy?
Tumblr | "Hipsters: the most dangerous gang in the US." - Pacific Mackerel
So I'm playing Hideous Destructor on a randomly-made OBLIGE map.

The mod makes individual monsters much tougher and more suited to their different tactical niches, you see. It's also more difficult because the player is slower, easier to damage, more "realistic".

The upside is that ALL of his guns are now far more kickass.

Anyway. I had been working my way past one or two weak/medium monsters at a time.

I open a door, thinking it will lead to a corridor.

It leads to an outdoor field, sporting 3 Hell Knights (who have learned a devastating staggered quintuple homing fireball spread), shotgun zombies, and multiple Lost Souls.

Bricks were shat.
you are cookin with gas, charlie

edited 30th Nov '10 9:00:38 PM by Zudak

Ultra-Violence difficulty + fast monsters.

I can't play it any other way now, man. @____@

SO INTENSE. I don't think even Painkiller or Serious Sam were this brutal, even on the highest difficulties.
A Doo M levelset in the style and general atmosphere of Jet Force Gemini (and with 100% less fetch quests!).

This is an awesome idea. y/n?
<mashes y>

edited 4th Dec '10 1:55:59 PM by Ulti

Heading for tomorrow
I wonder if Attack of the Anatomically Correct Charmanders is still in development.

No really. That's a Doom mod. That's what it's called. And it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
Out of Context Theater: Mike K

"'Bloody Pussies' cracked me up"
Jonah Falcon
@JAF: What, no link for the lazy?

No link. I had the mag. There's no online version on Game Pro either.
Jonah Falcon

Shamelessly lifted from the Minecraft thread.

edited 17th Dec '10 12:10:41 PM by EnglishIvy

 275 Shirow Shirow, Fri, 17th Dec '10 12:09:47 PM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
You're mine now
[up] Inevitable.
Fight the Good fight or get out of the way.
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