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GTA: The real story
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GTA: The real story:

 1 BlackWolfe, Fri, 5th Nov '10 10:18:26 AM from Lost in Austin
Each and every main character in GTA is a valet suffering from a severe case of It's Not What It Looks Like.
But soft! What rock through yonder window breaks? It is a brick! And Juliet is out cold.
 2 thespacephantom, Wed, 10th Nov '10 3:34:00 PM from white-hot pathos, a desecrated symphony
name's the same
So shooting an old lady with a rocket launcher, then getting in a tank and launching a final offensive against the cops is "Not What It Looks Like"?
Come now, reach out - you must embrace reality! Rise up, young boy, and make yourself a legend!
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