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Depends precisely what those plans are, but in general terms, quoting Killing In The Name can work (i.e. "I won't do what you tell me", with or without expletive emphasis at the beginnign); murdering more loyal GS Ps and akuma can help, too, or spreading the knowledge of how to slip the leash and make your own path to less loyal ones.

Once they've lost their Exalted, the Yozis are back where they started.

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Yeah, if all or most of the other GS Ps join the P Cs in Scorpion-Swallowed Hereticdom, the easiest way I can see for the Yozis to get more is to steal some Monstrances, gank the Abyssals they belong to, clean the death-essence out of the Exaltations, then Yozify them again.

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Might be over now, but I feel it still
Solars would probably infiltrate both sides using Charms like Vile Anathema Shroud, then start screwing over both sides' battle plans at once.

Or just go around in Shiny Mode cockpunching each enemy leader in turn. That's good too.
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Might be over now, but I feel it still
I'm going to go with the Yozis.
  • It's easier for Infernals to operate in the Underworld than vice versa, thanks to the Ebon Dragon charmset.
  • There are more Yozis than Neverborn.
  • Yozis can intervene in fights, while the Neverborn can't.
  • Sorcery is more powerful than necromancy, and it originally comes from the Yozis.
  • Yozis will be involved as soon as Abyssals start messing things up in Hell, while the Neverborn aren't exactly what one would call mobile.
  • No-one will be able to hurt the Ebon Dragon, since holy effects are kinda not part of the Abyssals' toolkit.
"My version of hope has calluses and dirt under its fingernails and isn't above bringing brass knuckles to a fight." - Max, Freefall

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I'm quite new to the game (started in April, I think), but I'm in a few online. Several have died, two haven't; the longest-running one is a nation-building setup in which I'm playing a Social-primary Viking-style Dawn Caste, Bjarn Stormtooth. We got installed as the power behind the throne and military leaders of a city-state within a single in-game day (HSDD FTW), and are nearly finished with massacring the horde of Varajtul barbarians that are attacking our city. Once that's done, we have a Chrysalis Grotesque to find before the Scourge appears out of it, and various other plot hooks to look at; these include finding out what's going on in Bjarn's home town, which is now ruled by a guy called the Harbinger of Irreconcilable Venom and Conflict, who's almost certainly Bjarn's cousin.

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Sorry, Husband-Seducing Demon Dance- Core Solar Performance Charm, basically the tactical nuclear weapon of social situations- drop that and everyone whose mental DV you beat gets an Intimacy towards you.

We've got a pretty big group (too big to be feasible in anything other than a play-by-post game with maybe one post per player per day...)- my Dawn, a pair of Eclipses (one huntery, the other a bit of a dick (character, not player)), a ninja-style Night, a kung-fu Zenith in power armour, a fairly pacifist Defiler, an undercover Orichalcum Caste Alchemical (though none of us know that in character yet- we all think he's just a god-blood) and a Dragon King whose main aim is to awaken some of his fellows and form air cavalry.

The city we're in is Icehold, which I believe has a sentence or two in the Compass of Terrestrial Directions: North. The situation when we arrived was that there was a horde of blue-furred Wyld barbarians called the Varajtul attacking- the keenest of them reached the city shortly after we arrived, with the bulk of the horde a day or two later. The city's old allies, the Valhal Icewalkers (with whom the Skandir, my character's people, share a common ancestry), were trapped outside the walls, and the Duke was refusing to let them in; Bjarn and his followers, plus a couple of the other players, helped hold off the Varajtul, while the rest of the players got the gates open to rescue the Valhals. Then we ran around stopping people rioting for a while, Bjarn made some impassioned speeches to get the Duke deposed (he was pretty corrupt at this point) and his son installed, our previous Night Caste (he left, we now have a different one) saved the new Duke and his family from assassins sent by his father (this was before he was Duke, actually, but hey), and stuff.

Later events include a preemptive strike to disrupt the Varajtul and build morale, which ended up destroying all the Varajtul boats and with our Zenith really pissing them off with skilful use of his Anima power to send the dead to Lethe; this, along with other events, really helped to cement the relationship with the twin Valhal Gods, who are now strong allies of our Circle. One of them, Enlightened Emerald Maiden, seems to be rather interested in the Zenith- apparently she likes guys that do slightly ridiculous feats...

EDIT: Hold on, you're from Leeds? As in, the one in Yorkshire? (Not that I'm aware of any others.)


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Well, once we kick in the heads of the rest of the barbarians and their Chimera leader, TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

It's going to be a bit sandboxy; shorter-term goals are likely to include getting the Manse hidden under the city fixed (I think it's got quite a high rating demesne, but it's a one-dot manse for now), awakening as many local Dragon Kings as we can, getting our military shaped up properly (possibly forming a Gunzosha corps), and dealing with various antagonistic local groups, such as the probabe Deathknight.

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Manse: big magic building, essentially.

A demesne is a place where Essence of a particular type collects- they're aligned to either one of the five Elements, or to Solar, Lunar, Sidereal or Abyssal Essence. The demesne's rating just measures how strongly the Essence collects.

Demesnes are coveted because they're the only place you can build a manse- and the more powerful the demesne, the more powerful the manse you can build on it. A manse channels the Essence into a hearthstone, which you can carry with you to give you special powers and faster essence recovery; manses themselves also get magical abilities, ranging from hot and cold running water to a door into the Underworld.

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Don't forgote the Yozis have demesnes and manses aspected toward them, most of which are in Malfeas obviously.
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So I was thinking about the creation of a Dusk Caste Abyssal, the warrior oriented type Deathknight. Now is there a limit to how much necromancy he can learn being from a more martial caste?
No. Take Occult as a Favoured Ability and you're exactly as good at learning Sorcery and Necromancy as a Daybreak.
What exactly can I do with necromancy? I'm thinking real big an 'get the dead to avenge themselves' angle but looking over the some of the spells it seem if I raised the dead to take their vengeance against their tormentors that tormentor is me because I had to oversee their painful sacrifice.
Yeah, Necromancy's a little limited at the moment. To be honest, with that theme, you may be best taking the Old Laws Charms from the Ink Monkeys blog, and some other mental influence. There are a few Necromancy bits that could be handy, though- the senses one, the one that lets them see their Fetters, and is there one that helps them resist Lethe and Oblivion?
Hungry Ghosts, ooo, vengeful spirits. Any spells to set them on my foes?

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Oh man, I'm going to be doing my first full session of Exalted in the next week! I've done one before, but it was just a one-on-one with the GM...except he's a Storyteller in this, isn't he?

Heh. All I know about our party is that we're all Dragon-Blooded, I'm Fire, I have a third cousin who is Earth, and one of my soon to be party members is seeking me out for my status as a Gentleman Adventurer.

I do know it should prove to be fun, if my experiences with Scion have taught me anything.
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That reminds me of the story of the gay berserker Fire Aspect Exalted.
Ahh, funtimes. We had a Fire Aspect Gentlewoman Adventurer in the Breakfast Club (online game, alternate setting where the Deathlords got all, not half, of the Solar Exaltations, three groups- loyal Deathknights, Green Sun Princes, and "Other"; shame that one died...). She was quite amusing.

Her Raksha "servant" (also a PC) was pretty scary, though...
On choice of Necromancy: Mother Darkness would be useful; creative use of Summon Ghost without binding the ghost to your will can get them to where they want to be even if there aren't any shadowlands nearby; and Trolling the Dark Waters can be used if a ghost who can't materialise wants to beat someone up.

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