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Rumisiel always gets called out when he tries to moralize, so I don't think it's too bad, though the consistancy of that device is getting a little old.
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[up][up][up]I agree. I never understood the "one who made a mistake may never ever criticize who makes the same mistake". These are the people who can criticize the best, since they actually know what they are talking about.
Yeah, but he tends to be so... Ughhh. "Are you sure I didn't accidentally turn you into a chicken instead?" Also, his main mistakes were using drugs at work and being generally stupid and irresponsible. Most of Ash's problems haven't been in his particular areas of expertise...
Well, we are slowly getting more angelic plots, what with that angry angel who killed the rapists showing up and all. Not to mention the way he dealt with Sheldon, and helped with Bert.

Aw, now Emily and her mother's relationship will improve thanks to this new found common fondness for classic Mustangs.
Huh. Really should have seen that coming, but...huh.

But he did confirm angels can have children with humans but shouldn't, which leads more weight to the theory that rebellious Raemiel is Logan's father (Logan's the guy who can see angels, right?).

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Having come by the page in a wick clean up, I'd like to ask that the fans do a good sweep of the page. There's a lot of Natter and fandom mentions on the page.
Even if the plot has slowed down considerably, I was a fan since before the first thousand pages and I really enjoy the character devlopment. All the characters have their own charm.
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I would like this comic more if the author shut the fuck up about his supposedly awful life. Seriously, all he does is whine or ask for money. Also, the pace of this comic is fucking glacial, at FIVE strips a week. Looks to be picking up with the reintroduction of... Er, James, I think. Anyway, my two cents.
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Also, the pace of this comic is fucking glacial

Yeah it's gotten a tad slow...
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Is also a tad agravating when the author introduces some seemingly epic story arc, like the angelic beuracracy having somebody killing off angels, and then shelve that arc for months in favor of something like...Ash shopping for underwear with her mom.
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337 tiaxrulesall13th Apr 2012 05:42:06 PM from Bay Area California
I think you guys have to accept that Misfile is in essence a slice of life comic, not some sprawling fantasy epic. Personally I find the Angel arcs somewhat offputting, as they tend to be worse written than most of the comic and Vash is a really boring character.

I think that the Author realizes that he has a fairly good thing going with the comic as it is, and can't think of a way of changing the status quo without basically begining the end of the comic. So for the moment I am fairly happy to read it as slice of life. It would be nice however to see small incremental progress on Ash/Emily and Rumisiel's concience. We do get this to some degree, but it still feels like the reset button gets pressed after every arc.
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[up] Even by "slice-of-life" standards, the comic is exceptionally stagnant. It's almost as though the author is afraid to do anything that might lead to actual development of the characters or their relationships. The last couple pages of the comic are a pitch-perfect example of this.
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Yeah; even Big Bang Theory is less stagnant at this point. To be perfectly honest, I've been reading the comic since...oh jeeze, I think it was book nine? And I can honestly say that I can't really name any changes that've happened since then. I dropped College Roomies from Hell! for the exact same reason; maybe it's time to move on from this comic too.
You can have a slice of life where things change sometimes. I mean, it doesn't make any sense at all that Ash and Emily aren't together. They have already established that they care about each other regardless of the misfile. Ash is being stubborn because... well, because.

The angel stuff just happens far too infrequently to be a compelling plot. It involves characters we barely know, and Ash doesn't have any clue about them for the most part, so it's just a waste of time that they could be using for... well, nothing. At this point, "spinning their wheels" is not just a euphemism; when things are slow, they have a race, and that lets them just go through the motions for awhile longer.
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[up][up]I feel pretty much the same way, myself; why bother sticking with a comic that doesn't go anywhere?

[up]Yeah, the "will they/won't they" stuff has long since worn out its welcome. At this point, the comic needs to either have the two get together, or provide a strong, convincing argument as to why the relationship won't work. (And quite honestly, I'd be happy with either outcome.)

And yeah, "spinning its wheels" really is the best description of the current state of the comic.

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Uh, I'm losing track here. What happened between Ash and Eponine again? I thought they were still friends.
343 Michael23rd Apr 2012 02:34:50 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
So that's what this does
Ash confronted Logan about whether he was responsible for the nude pics of Eponine floating around. Logan didn't know they existed, so Eponine was rather annoyed that he found out from ash.
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Kate ships James/Ash, and completely whiffs her "gaydar" perception check, Rumisiel wants to please Ash, but is not good with talking to other men, and Cassiel is willing to have sex with James to bug her ex.

Perhaps we could have a third person show up on James' doorstep who has never appeared before, but is also someone he doesn't get along with, to have more subplots. :-P
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Fortunately I don't see James agreeing. Not only he'd feel used, but I doubt he'd want to antagonize Rumsiel for not wanting to antagonize him... and Operation: Jealousy is a bad clichť.
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346 Michael7th May 2012 04:06:02 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
So that's what this does
I could see James disagreeing just to annoy Cassiel. I don't think he likes her.
347 tiaxrulesall7th May 2012 09:06:39 PM from Bay Area California
I think he agrees because otherwise there won't be a plot.
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Okay, I think basically there are two main things people don't like about this comic:

The speed of the plot (roughly equivalent to the speed at which the continents are drifting)

The overuse of cliche anime/manga effects
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Meh, I'm used to it. It's mostly a) for me because I honestly can't remember the last time the main plot actually moved forwards any. It just feels like a nonstop train of sidequests, you know?
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Nobody likes Cassiel. She's gotten three death threats so far. I counted. Also, Ash looks like a monkey sometimes. Some observations.

[up] Has it ever moved forward?
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