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Character Hotel
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Character Hotel:

 451 Eldritch Blue Rose, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 4:50:50 PM from A Really Red Room
The Puzzler
Personally I don't think a museum would work so well. It will most likely be much larger than the hotel, and some characters will get lost. In a smaller museum we would most likely get bored quickly, and leave to investigate the surrounding area. Then newer people would be confused as to why it is called Character Museum when we are obviously in Little Italy.

A beach house would not be too bad, but there are some things that would need to be explained. Namely how all these strangers who could be at odds with each other are in the same beach house. Also what else is there to do besides talk in a beach house.

I may be a bit biased (Eagle Scout and nature lover) but I think hiking mountain trails may be the best option. Sure it is really open ended, but we could expand on the area at our own pace. Also I think it could fit a wider range of characters, as long as they don't detest greenery. Plus I think it would be a nice change of environment from the usual mostly indoor/city threads, that is as long as there aren't any dogs planning on nuking a city park and getting away in a blimp.tongue

All in all I am willing to go with whatever you guys decide.

Though we could have a beach house next to a nature museum that has a trail leading into the mountains. However that is just insane.
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 452 QQQQQ, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 4:55:19 PM from Canada
I'm writing the new thread right now — it would be Lake Louise. There is the Chateau Hotel beside if you're planning on staying overnight. Or for the benefit of nature-hating characters.


edited 2nd Oct '10 4:57:37 PM by QQQQQ

 453 Morgulion, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 5:01:40 PM from Cornholes
An accurate depiction
I second the hiking trail.
This is this.
 454 Leradny, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 5:30:14 PM from Alameda, CA
Okay, hiking trail sounds like the best option so far! I'm up for it.

 455 Psycho Frea X, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 6:03:53 PM from Transcended Humanity
Yeah hiking trail appeals to me the most out of all the above.

Well, goodbye Character Hotel. So are we going to lock it up?

edited 2nd Oct '10 6:45:46 PM by PsychoFreaX

 456 QQQQQ, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 6:46:25 PM from Canada
Okies. We have a hiking trail to explore! (And I'mma ask the mods to close off this thread.)

 457 Madrugada, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 10:58:34 PM Relationship Status: In season
I'll lock this in a minute, but might I make a comment? So far, I've enjoyed every one of these — until it turns into a firefight. Then I checked out. One of the best ways to explore a character is to put them in a situation that isn't what they're familiar with, to take them out of their element and see what they do.

Locking now.
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