Writing an Article on "Geek Entitlement and general Jerkassery":

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1 ACDrawings11th Oct 2010 08:24:02 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
For my blog on defining and questioning aspects of "Geek Culture" I have decided to write an article on Geek entitlement and I need your help picking topics to cover and fleshing them out since I'm covering a huge topic here.

Here's what I have so far
When all else fails, you call Mousa the 14, that one ranting geek.

Geeks suck. We really do. I don't mean any particular subculture of us, we just do. Especially the internet dwellers which makes up about 98% percent of geekdom. But how can I can I count the many ways in which we suck? Well technically I can get most of it in one word: Entitlement.

Non-geeks who I hope are reading this too, you have to understand this:

TV shows and movies that glamorize us for being individualistic underdogs who get what they want for being generally nice people despite our interests and crippling social awkwardness lie.

Yes, it's true that a good portion of us are affable people, but when we're jerks, we're really jerks, and part of it all comes from our sense of Entitlement. You've heard the phrase before "Geeks will inherit the World" and really can you blame that figure of speech? Especially when in this day and age, a Bachelor's degree isn't smart enough to guarantee you a job and almost everything requires a computer to operate? Nerds and Geeks own this world... in the background anyway, we're still working on that social awkwardness thing so that our reign is more prevalent. Anyhow, point is, we think we are going to own everything, currently own everything, or deserve to own everything.

Now it's that last one I'm here to talk about. I'm here to cover exactly what is it we think we deserve and why we think we deserve it and why we're such huge jerks about it.

The categories will be split up into Women, Internet=Free, The Sportsmen, The Media, Individuality,

and I sort of stop there, so... help?

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An accurate depiction
You could always focus on the G.I.F.T. theory and its relation to the internet-inhabitant geeks.

It's a common phenomenon but an interesting one.
This is this.
3 Tzetze11th Oct 2010 08:30:00 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
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This is something that needs to be addressed and I'm definitely interested in reading this article.

It's good that you're covering general entitlement too - most articles or essays I've seen just cover one aspect.
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5 Foton12th Oct 2010 12:51:50 AM from The Desert , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
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For the Women part, you may probably start with There Are No Girls on the Internet thing. The Internet=Free springs GIFT to mind, as well as attacks in MPAA/RIAA and the proliferation of free stuff (though that may or may not be tangential). The Sportsmen? Dunno, but the Cooldude copypasta comes up. The Media is easy-ish; rarely if ever does media get portrayals of geeks accurate (with the exception of portrayal of otaku culture from Japanese media, but I may have to call selective bias here). As for Inidividuality, try starting from Anonymous (as in, the logic behind them and how do they flock to each other etc).

Those are just suggested starting points. Feel free to develop from there, because I honestly don't know which direction you want to take.
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One can't discuss women, socially awkward males and entitlement issues without mentioning Nice Guy syndrome.
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Oh yes. "She's a girl, and I am being nice to her. I obviously should be rewarded with sex."
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