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45076 setnakhte21st Mar 2012 05:24:37 PM from inside your closet
That's terrifying.
@An: this is constructive criticism: "I didn't really like the endings that much. They were too vague and confusing. I feel that they should have been clearer, more diverse, and provided more closure." And this is not: "THE ENDINGS SUCK BIOWARE SUCKS I'M NEVER BUYING ANY OF THEIR GAMES AGAIN." See the difference?
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45077 CrimsonZephyr21st Mar 2012 05:24:54 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Without the complaining, the shouting, and the "non-constructive criticism," the actual constructive criticism, the stuff that does the thinking for the writers, would be disregarded. People don't pay attention to politeness. They brush it off because they can.
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First, asking for constructive criticism is often linked to the "why do you complain, do you think you could have done better yourself?" fallacy.

Secondly, it's just not possible to provide huge walls of text filled with reasons of why you dislike something every time. Sure, you say your reasons a few times, but then the whole movement is usually resumed as a motto. So you have everything full of people yelling (for example) "Down with <insert whatever here>" and you think "why so many people dislike this?" and then you see that behind all the shouting there are some reasons and you judge on them. If the reasons are not easy to see then you think about what went wrong yourself.

There's no destructive criticism. Criticism never destroys.
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45079 fakeangelbr21st Mar 2012 05:26:58 PM from Fortaleza, Brazil
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If you are going to be so over-the-top with your criticism, the whole thing is just going to be filtered out.

"The ratio of critics to creators is something like 10,000:1. The ratio of good critics to bad: 1:10,000."
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45080 Firebert21st Mar 2012 05:27:59 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
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Oh God this guy's twitter is comedy gold. "Also, Bioware? SHAME on you for caving. You've chosen to make coloring books instead of The Mona Lisa." Because video games are comparable to Mona Lisa. [lol]
45081 Tiamatty21st Mar 2012 05:28:07 PM from Now on Twitter , Relationship Status: Brony
"If you are not going to be helpful, your voice will be forgotten."

It's been covered above. But I'll say again: The non-constructive criticism still tells developers that people are upset. Every criticism is valid, because every criticism, whether constructive or not, shows how people felt.
45082 setnakhte21st Mar 2012 05:28:10 PM from inside your closet
That's terrifying.
The opposite of constructive criticism is not destructive criticism. It's pointless criticism. Constructive criticism is when you not only point out what is bad, but offer solutions.
"Roll for whores."
Who's being over the top? One guy made a professional complaint, and I don't think he's completely wrong.

The Endings were a major selling point of the game. Despite what Jared said, there was no way to know if that selling point was fulfilled unless you actually played through the game.
Gunpla is amazing!
Why are people acting like shit has never been changed before?

I cant stand that Bob guy.

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45085 fakeangelbr21st Mar 2012 05:29:55 PM from Fortaleza, Brazil
The Awesomest Character
And if you want to actually be able to change something, and not be just more one voice in choir, you have to actually be able to support yourself.

There's no destructive criticism. Criticism never destroys.

You can't be that naive
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If a Caustic Critic is correct, there's nothing wrong with it.
45087 Tiamatty21st Mar 2012 05:31:54 PM from Now on Twitter , Relationship Status: Brony
[up][up] What's naive about saying criticism doesn't destroy?
45088 Frosplosion21st Mar 2012 05:32:02 PM from Palm Bay, FL
Fro-ed Wonder
@Anfa: So by that logic no matter how logically the Retake Mass Effect movement's arguments may be, it all boils down to a bunch of people who may or may not be the majority of the fan base complaining to Bioware until they get their way. And it seems like it's work.

It does not me people look good that this has worked. That all this time and effort went into getting the ending of a game changed that, in the end, amounts to ultimately nothing. In a year or two, everyone one will have moved on, and nobody with look at this as more than a group of people whining that they got different colored endings at first and didn't like it, so they wanted something that looked better.

I want things to change, but not if it comes at the cost of making everyone who doesn't like something a game developer does look like a bunch of whining, complaining nerds who have no sense of scope about what does and doesn't matter. I understand that people want the ending to be different and more fulfilling, I really do, but what is the ever loving point of it in the end? What does this all accomplish? What mark on history will a victory for the Retake Mass Effect Movement bring?
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45089 fakeangelbr21st Mar 2012 05:32:03 PM from Fortaleza, Brazil
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[up][up][up]For him to be fully correct, the product must sink bellow anyone's standard.

[up][up]Because it does, duh.

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Gunpla is amazing!

Bioware's attitude over this is not helping.


Bullshit. A caustic critic is just harsher than most.

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No it doesn't. "I don't like it," is enough. If you're lucky, they might tell you why. If you're even luckier, they might give you better suggestions.

It's your job to figure it out, though.

Marketing 101: The worst customer is the one who disapproves but says nothing.

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45092 fakeangelbr21st Mar 2012 05:34:08 PM from Fortaleza, Brazil
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[up]Then he is not giving you his critic, he is giving you his opinion.

[up][up]Bullshit on your bullshit. A Caustic Critic will find anything less-than-stellar and will color his entire opinion solely on this.

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45093 BlackCoyote21st Mar 2012 05:34:52 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Why are people acting like shit has never been changed before?

Because doing that would mean admitting that we "entitled whiners" have a point and a leg to stand on, that's why.
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If you think criticism is mutually exclusive from an opinion, you're the one being naive.
Gunpla is amazing!

And they can still be right.
45096 fakeangelbr21st Mar 2012 05:36:39 PM from Fortaleza, Brazil
The Awesomest Character
[up][up]Criticism is not divorced of opinion, is a sub-section of it.

Until he gives me why he thinks such and such, it will not be nothing more than an opinion.

[up]And thus goes back to my first point.

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45097 Medicus21st Mar 2012 05:37:12 PM from Australia
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Hey, so something we haven't talked about is the music.

Opinions? I thought it was okay. There were two or three tracks that were really good, but for the most part I didn't think much of it.

Plus Halo has kind of spoiled me — I was expecting a bunch of awesome remixes of tracks from the first two games. Instead they're just put in entirely.

Also, I realise I'm biased here but I think Ashley actually looked stupider than Miranda. At least Miranda made sure her hair didn't cover half her face.

Also, genophage ISN'T sterility, it causes fricking miscarriages.
I imagine they did that just to try to make people feel bad about it.

Med and Reflextion, I'm just going to flat out steal those dream ideas of yours if I can ever get around to writing an ME 3 fic. I will excise that little kid from reality if I can.
So long as you give credit. ;)

For the dream sequences, I kept expecting the shadows that kept appearing to be turn into dead squadmates. Or still living ones. Then they would do that whole poof thing when you got close, or they would walk behind trees and disappear, or something equally unsettling.
Me too.

The elcor diplomat begging you to save his people. I made that mission a priority, because I specifically play my Shepard as hoping to avoid genocide at all costs (it's why I saved the rachni twice and cured the genophage). One of the most tearjerking, creepy and High Octane Nightmare Fuel moments in the entire series was when Shepard asks how many of the elcor species were able to escape Dakuuna before the planet fell and the elcor replies...


What makes it so scary is that this is the first time an elcor expresses emotion without adding a prefix. You actually hear emotion in his voice. And this is a race that is supposed to be so stoic that a smile is like fireworks to them. Just...think about that.
And yet, it was another stupid fetch quest.

They needed more time. That should have been a proper sidequest.

Your rant's a bit late, Bioware just said that they're working on new content to address criticisms of the ending.

The Relays will still get blown up. As long as that's there it's a shit ending. You may as well have just put a gun to the head of everyone in the Sol system and pulled the trigger.

If they're still gone, the end result is the major homeworlds and colonies reduced to Fallout-level societies and the minor colonies barely scraping through, reduced to subsistence farmers or hunter-gatherers. And of course anyone living in a system without a garden world is fucked.

About the only two groups that might have some chance are the quarians and geth. And only the ones on Rannoch.

Yahtzee on ME 3.

I love Yahtzee.

But I don't care what anyone says, I had no problem with planet scanning, even kind of liked it, especially the need for resources. Reducing it to just credits in ME 3 was painfully dumbing down.

The Paragon option would be where you and your love interest end up stranded together and get found by the rest of your team just on the worst moment. You know, James Bond ending style.
I even have the Space Tuxedo.[awesome]

I figured the control was some extrapolation off the stuff that Miranda's dad was doing.
Don't even talk to me about Miranda's dad.

That's IGN for you tongue Jessica Chobot is even a voice actor in the game...

They are beyond biased, they are like mercenaries.
I can't believe she's a romance option as well.


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It's not over. Not yet.
45098 shimaspawn21st Mar 2012 05:38:13 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
<Mod Hat> This thread is getting far too heated. I'm going to lock it until tempers wind down. Swearing at each other and ripping each other apart is not cool. </Mod Hat>
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