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1 phoenixdaughterAM11th Dec 2013 06:37:21 PM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
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Doki Doki Universe is a strange little thing. First up, it's for all three Playstation systems, PS3, Vita and PS4 with cross-buy for all. It follows the tale of QT 3, a robot about to be scrapped but has a shot if he gains humanity. Along the way, lots of planets with lots of people to help or hinder. Hence massive Video-Game Caring Potential and Video Game Cruelty Potential.

And personality quizzes. Of which I am hopelessly addicted too.

And a home planet to decorate with oddles of stuff.

I have the demo for my Vita and I'll probably get the special edition as soon as I can. Anyone else playing it?
2 KingKix13th Dec 2013 04:23:51 PM from Dante City , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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Oh, THAT Doki doki. It's a shame and a blessing that this isn't talked about anymore, nor will it get a sequel.
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3 danna4513th Dec 2013 06:44:38 PM from Wagnaria , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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[up]Yeah, that's what I first thought when I saw the name as well. Shame, really liked the games...

Anyways er, when I have money, guess I'll be trying this one out.
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