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The RP


Long ago, before mankind's fish-like ancestors first ventured out onto dry land and took a gulp of early earth's air, in a realm beyond human understanding, there were Infinite Ones. They were beings of tremendous power, whose population numbered into the trillions, floating in the endless void, circling a massive star, the likes of which any human being could never begin to imagine. For many years, The Infinite Ones lived an existence of carefree and mindless cosmic dancing, swirling together within the void. However, like all good things, this would come to an end.

When man first came into being, Urthuul, the largest of The Infinite Ones, began to hunger for the taste of its brethren. It cannibalized on its kin, halving the numbers of The Infinite Ones within three months. With nowhere to hide, the smaller Infinite Ones sought to make protection for themselves. They ventured their tendrils into other dimensions, shattering any worlds they could find and pulling the pieces back together, forming shells that would provide protection from the hunger of Urthuul.

Any surviving inhabitants of a world that was now part of an Infinite One's shell, would find themselves facing off against the enemies of both their own home world and the enemies of other's worlds. With nothing to do but to rebuild and survive, the survivors must work together, lest they become the dinner of their comrade's worlds.

Welcome one and all, to the Crossover RP of the century!

Taking heavy inspiration from games like Cross Edge and Project X Zone, World's Ripped Apart and Sewn Together is a roleplay taking place on newly crafted world, a shell of an Infinite One, to protect themselves from a much bigger and cannibalistic Infinite One.

Our characters, who can be from any fictional universe (Since this is a Crossover roleplay) or an OC of your own making, must work together to survive on the newly created world, battling monsters of all assortments to survive. There will be a story besides monster fighting of course, but getting to the basics is important.

I'm hoping that we can start the RP at around five players, six or seven at the most, but others will be able to join the RP as it progresses.

Now, the really important stuff

Das Rulez

  • Roleplay Basics: No god-modding, auto-hitting, auto-dodging, auto-blocking, controlling other player's characters, killing another player's characters without explicit (Explicit as in "Can I kill your character for a relevant reason? "Yes, you can kill my character") permission, or acting rude to other players.
  • Characters: They can be from any fictional universe, or an OC, though I want to keep that to a maximum of five, but that is entirely negotiable.
  • Non-Player Characters: Mostly played by me, though if someone is willing to take up on that role of managing a few, just ask me.
  • Monsters and enemies: Again, also managed by me, but if someone is willing to help with managing, just ask.

Sign Up Sheet

  • Name: A basic, can't really have a character without something to call them
  • Gender/Age: Two more basics, but important ones
  • Appearance: Should include height, body type, hair color and length, eye color, and clothing.
  • Series or OC: Whether the character is from another series or one of your own creations
  • Abilities: Any special powers the character posses. Please don't go over the top with this if you're using an OC
  • Weapons: Any weapons or devices that character uses to fight with.
  • Personality: How your character typically acts. Please, do not put "She's shy around others, but she really cares about her friends" or some other similar garbage.
  • Backstory: The details behind your character, from before their planet was destroyed to how they'll happen this new world.
  • Other: Any other things you think are important to add.

Hopefully, everything is clear and we can proceed. Ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer!


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Give me a while to think of a sign up for this.
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[up] It's alright, there's no need to rush writing up a character sheet.
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Possibly interest.
Space Mom, how could you?!
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Sure, why not!
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[up][up] Good to know

[up] Glad to see that people are interested grin
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Definitely interested. What power level are you looking for? As to [OCs may I make a suggestion? If you have an OC make it in the context of an existing universe. Example: Instead of playing say Thorin Oakenshield or [[Literature/The Silmarillion Feanor]] you could play an elf or dwarf from the Middle Earth universe.
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[up] Power level can be discussed, obviously gods aren't allowed here, but high level characters (Like Flandre Scarlet or Goku) are negotiable.

On the subject of OCs from other fictional works: Perfectly acceptable.

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Well, I have a few ideas for character, although I don't know what the tone of the RP will be (which might influence my final choice)

A few ideas:

You ever tried going mad without power? It’s boring. No one listens to you!
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[up] Ultimately, I'm looking for something a generally serious, but a little silly and entertaining at the same time.
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Interested. Not sure if I should be Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V or an OC.
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[up] Good to see more interested people grin
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Definetely interested.
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[up][up][up] Oh lord.
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I'm interested in this, I think.
but i guess i'm already there
I'm interested. Looking into a character.

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[up][up] & [up] Glad to see more interested people.
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Quick question, what's the tone we're going for, here?
but i guess i'm already there
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[up] I listed it here
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Ah, okay. Must've missed that, sorry. I'll work on a character sheet soonish.
but i guess i'm already there
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  • Name: Ruby Rose
  • Gender/Age: Female/15
  • Appearance:
    • Height: 5’4”
    • Body Type: Slender
    • Hair Color: Black with red tips.
    • Length: Short/Medium
    • Eye Color: Gray
    • Clothing: Wears a black dress with the hem of it coming to about her knees. There are red frills underneath which are the same color as the cloak/hood she has around her neck/shoulders.
    • Picture: Here you go!
  • Series or OC: Canon/RWBY
  • Abilities:
    • Superhuman Feats: Ruby shows enhanced speed, agility, endurance and even strength in combat. Her speed and agility are her greatest assets when making use of Crescent Rose (scythe). Ruby is capable of running fast enough that it seems like she’s teleporting.
    • Mechanical Engineering: Mostly pertains to weapons but Ruby actually created her famed Crescent Rose scythe which is a combination of both a sniper-rifle and a scythe.
    • Improvising and Synergy: Ruby takes her weapon to maximum potential. If she’s in a jam, she’ll improvise SOME way to make her weapon work for it. If there isn’t — well, she’s going to try anyway.
  • Weapons:
    • Crescent Rose: A combination of both sniper rifle and scythe that Ruby created herself. It makes use of cartridges that can blast Ruby higher into the air or create propulsion to make her fast on the ground. If a bullet is fired from the scythe while Ruby is swinging it, the power of the slash becomes greater. As said above the sword is both a scythe and a gun. Ruby is capable of switching back and forth between the forms without so much as a second thought.
    • Unnamed Ammo Cartridges: The vanilla ammo that Ruby loads into the scythe to fire off normal shots.
    • Cross Cartridges: Stronger ammunition that has the same function as the Unnamed Ammo Cartridges but strong.
  • Personality:
”I don't wanna be "the bee's knees". I don't wanna be any kind of "knees"! I just wanna be a normal girl, with normal knees.”
  • Ruby isn’t that big on the uptake and she can AND will trip up in conversation. This lends to her immaturity and shows that she’s still very much a child who’s still ignorant to hte ways of the world.
”Of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose. I just really like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people...but better…”
  • To be straight Ruby has a ‘’thing’’ for weapons. She loves seeing them in action, taking them apart, seeing how they tick. Props if they’re an original like her Crescent Rose.
"As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who fought for what was right, and protected people who couldn't protect themselves!”
  • What’s really the root of Ruby’s character is her aspirations to be a Huntress and help those that cannot help themselves. She has the capability to be a great hero and leader. To hammer this home, in response to her cynical friend Weiss regarding the fate of her ‘’doomed’’ world, “Well, that's why we're here! To make it better.
  • Backstory: Ruby Rose always wanted to be a Huntress though she was never given the opportunity. One fateful day while she was out at a convenience store at night, she read up on her favorite Weapon Magazine. Crooks came in to steal stuff, Ruby bashed a few and chased after the mastermind. After she failed, one thing lead to another and she ended up going to Beacon Academy, a prestigious school for Hunters/Huntress. She met Weiss, the heir to a powerful corporation that sells/manufacturers dust. The two got into an argument and separated on the first day. As time went on, she met Blake Belladonna who seems to be the quiet type. After an ‘’exam’’ to decide which teams were going to be what, Ruby ended up becoming the leader of RWBY (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang). Since the fall of the world, she’s been trying to piece together on what to do now. She’s sure that her friends are still out there somewhere. Now she looks to find them and see if she can actually save her already doomed world.
  • Other: Ruby likes weapons.

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[up] Absolutely love it! I'll put you down in the roster of characters.
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[up] THANK YOU very much sir!
  • Name: Bolin
  • Gender/Age: Male, 16
  • Appearance: They do say a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, I couldn't find his height.
  • Series or OC: Series
  • Abilities:
    • Earthbending: Bolin has the ability to, well, bend the earth. He is highly skilled in the art of earthbending, developing a "light on his feet" style with emphasis on maneuverability and evasiveness (instead of focusing on two big chunks of rock, he sends six smaller chunks at a faster speed), although this doesn't mean he can't use more common earthbending moes. He has a precise aim, and he doesn't need to be in contact with the earth to bend it (but he at least needs to see the piece of earth he's about to bend).
    • Other skills: He can wrestle pretty well, and is very resilient to pain. Also, he can communicate with his pet, Pabu, by chattering with his teeth.
  • Weapons: None.
  • Personality: Bolin is a laid-back, fun-loving person with a good sense of humor, although he does know when to get serious. He's very expressive, somewhat naive and gullible, high-spirited, enthusiastic and really comfortable with the way he is. According to his brother, he has a "knack" for getting into trouble, and he's quite the optimist. However, he doesn't like being known as "the other guy", being trapped inside his brother's shadow, even if he shares a close bond with him. He's protective of the people he cares about, getting a little bit violent if these people are in danger.
  • Backstory: Bolin and his brother Mako lost their parents at a very young age, which resulted in Bolin becoming dependent of his brother, who took on a paternal role. The two became embroiled in the underground crime scene of Republic City in order to earn some money, but they left it once they got a chance to form a pro-bending team and participate in tournaments, which gave them the money they needed. The brothers' life took a wild turn when they suddenly found themselves becoming friends with Korra, the Avatar, on her first trip to Republic City. Many trials and tribulations, some of them personal (like how the two brothers fell in love with Korra at first) and some of them related to the city (like the appearance of the Equalists and their leader, Amon, who had the ability to remove people's bending). Eventually, the Team Avatar, with the help of some other friends, defeated Amon and the Equalists, bringing back peace (in some form) to Republic City. Bolin went back to become the captain of his pro-bending team, with Korra too busy with Avatar duties and his brother too busy with being a cop to participate in the games with him. The trio were about to embark on a trip to the Southern Water Tribe when the fall of the worlds happened, and now Bolin is trying to find his friends so they can figure out what happened- and maybe even fix it on the way.
  • Other: Bolin has with him his fire ferret, Pabu, whose abilities include being quick and having sharp teeth. Yay!

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[up] I personally don't know much about A:Lo K, but he seems pretty balanced anyway, so I'll go on your word and accept him.
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