Tropers: Darkblood Carnagefang

Greetings, I am Darkblood Carnagefang. I'm a gamer, an aspiring writer and a dreamer with an ever expanding imagination. I am constantly crafting worlds and stories in my head, keeping mental notes and drawing pictures in my mind. While on TV Tropes, I rarely spend time anywhere else but the Writer's Block section, but I occasionally venture into the World Building section if I'm looking for something to do.

Though I call myself a writer, most of my writing is in the form of mental notes, so it's quite rare that I have my ideas for stories on paper or even a word processor. I do spend a lot of time thinking about them, so I'll provide more details further down the page.

While I was born in New York, I've lived most of my life in the forested wilds of Northern NJ. Currently at the age of twenty, I need to find something to really do with my life.

Now that that stuff is out of the way, here are my works, which I'll update often.

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    Stuff I Work On 
Stuff that I've either worked on or have kept in my head for sometime. It's not likely that any of these will actually get done, with a few exceptions.
  • EDIT: I'm doing an overhaul of this part, something will be put here later.