Dismantling a criminal syndicate from inside and out:

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For a Super Hero setting,I imagine the "civilian" identity of a Batman-style Badass Normal to actually be a criminal, a high-ranking member of a criminal syndicate (think Tom Hagen). However, even in the mob, he's still a crime fighter at heart, so he works behind the scenes to bring the syndicate down without actually destroying it, as the resulting power vacuum would allow form nastier criminal elements to take over (a legitimate concern, seeing how Gotham ended up). In superhero mode, he's praised for his crusade against organized crime, while his mobster persona is seen as The Last DJ, keeping the syndicate alive by bringing them back to their more traditional old-school (less lethal) roots in their darkest hour.

What are some ways he could go about this, and how would he go about maintaining the double or even triple identity ("Legitimate Businessman", Mafioso and The Cowl) while maintaining a great deal of respect in all of them?
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Some links to the police might help. Someone on the side of the law aware of what he's doing, and lending a hand to better control the Mafia might be a good idea. Though that will depend on what he thinks of the police and all.

Not sure what else though.
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