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Tartarus — The Edge of Abyss — 20XX

"AGH!" a scream of pain. A young girl by the name of Beatrice descended from the sky as she smashed into the cement. Debris thrown about into the air. The air distorted by the dust tossed up into the air from the impact. "There's.. nothing we can do?" she mumbled to herself. Despite that she stood up and ignored the pain that coursed through out her entire body.

"D-don't give up!" a girl shouted as she stood up. In both hands were long, white swords that pushed the darkness of the Tartaruchi away. "I can't give up...I'll believe, I'll always believe in the future. Things are grim now, but that's why we're here! To make a BETTER TOMORROW!" the blades locked hilt to hilt, forming a white magical arrow. "I'll make a better world for the four os us, I won't let EVERYTHING end like this! LET'S—" the arrow grew brighter. Electricity arced from the bow into the Aigis' body.

Alicia, the Aigis of Black Fire, her eyes became tears. It was pride, it was respect. The girl in front of her wasn't human. The Aigis that she and the others looked up to had shown her courage. Even in the midst of despair, even in the darkest hour she stood tall. "I can't let her do this alone... No.. TAKE MY LIFE IF YOU MUST!"

Beatrice looked upon the white arrow in tears, "Mine too... TAKE MINE TOO!"

The fourth Aigis, Nevaeh of the White Sun, simply smiled. "This is the end.. isn't it? But.. before I go... take everything I have. " a Tartaruchi impaled her just moments before. Nevaeh accepted death. The girl had accepted the end but hadn't. kept going. "Take what's left... please." The three girls began to glow. All of their magic, their hopes and dreams flowed into the girl's arrow.

"This is it!" the arrow had gained maximum power. It grew and grew as it continued to expell all evil that dare come near.

Please hit, please MAKE A BETTER FUTURE!

"ARROW OF REVELATION!" the attack had fired. The only thing that she saw when the arrow was fired was the last of her fleeting life leave her. The body had fallen into the darkness to join her comrades. The fight had ended. The Abyss, the Tartarus had devoured them.

Their last gift to the world, a single arrow, a single hope, had been eaten.

Gaia — Present Day

The four legendary Aigis, those who fought to finally eliminate the darkness that plagued the world failed. The demons, known as Tartaruchi, continue to devour mankind. Witches, or Void Aigis as their called, continue to make the lives of others a living hell. The Aigis are dwindling as hope for the world fades into the darkness. There are a few however that wish to continue fighting. There are a few that, despite the darkness that drew closer, they fight.

These are the new heroes, the next generation of Aigis that may accomplish what their predecessors could not.

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A magical girl, dressed in a loud, yellow harlequin costume stood in the top floor window of a derelict building. As she looked down at the ground below, she mused to herself, I'm losing my touch. Smashing heads just isn't doing it for me anymore. I mean, not that it isn't fun, it just...isn't fun... She snapped her fingers. Ah ha! The next time I kill someone, I'll stuff them full of candy and sweets! That way, when I smash them, they'll explode in a shower of candy! Then people when people come by to see what happened, they'll cheer because there'll be candy everywhere, instead of some boring, old, dead guy. She chuckled maliciously under her mask.

I'm so SMART sometimes! With that, she leapt from the window, but before she hit the ground, she whipped out her hammer and slammed it into the ground, effectively breaking her fall.

She mused to herself, "Hmm...now where can I find copious amounts of candy?''
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Meanwhile, in an outlying settlement on freshly-reclaimed land, the hopes and aspirations of hundreds of men, women, and children were snuffed out with a resounding crack. The listening station was the first to go. A bullet zinged through the window, replacing the head of the communcations operator with a shower of blood and gore.

The sentries turned their heads towards the sound of the shattering window. Big mistake.

Crack. Slide. Crack.

Stupid. They never think to take cover, thought Kiku as she reached for the bolt of her rifle.

She sat atop a tree on the northeast side of the settlement with a clear view of the security office. As expected, screams had erupted from the people going about their ordinary lives and they were now milling about in confusion. With her sights still trained upon the listening station on the second floor, Kiku let out a sharp whistle. Five terrifying hounds materialized from the shadows below. While not true Tartaruchi, their strength and speed were still beyond the ken of ordinary animals. With these on the hunt, and no way to call for help, the fate of the hapless humans was sealed.

"You can run, if you like. You'll just die tired", Kiku said to no one in particular.

The hounds charged.

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A fair distance away, a light-skinned girl was hard at work, crouching over a small garden. It was her work, her pride and joy. Maintaining a garden of any size in this hellish life was a true accomplishment. She patted the soil down and provided water from a tiny container, plugging it back up with a cork. The wind was blowing gently through her hair, her pigtails moving with it. A more mature voice called out from the nearby house.

"Liliette, where are you, dear?"

Liliette rolled her light-olive eyes as she heard her mom call for her. Really, it had only been like, five minutes since she left the house...

"I'm right here, Mom! I'm just taking care of the flowers..."

"Lily, it's dangerous out there! I don't want you getting injured by god knows what out there! Come back inside, please!"

"Just let me stay out here a little longer...please?

"Absolutely not!"

"Ugh...fine, I'll be inside in a second..."

As her mother retreated, Lily stood up, leaving her tools behind. Instead of returning to her house, she ran off, planning to hop the wall. She was okay now, finally out of her mom's vision. Now she could explore without having to deal with nagging...
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A girl wearing what appeared to be part armor, part dress walked slowly along the road, deep in thought. Of course, with the Tartaruchi around, this was not the safest thing to be doing, but she wasn't just any girl.

She nearly walked past a lone cottage on the roadside. She noticed it and doubled back.

Guess this means I'm nearing a town...

The cottage was pretty well-built, evidently made to be lived in for a long time, but there was no-one there now. The half-melted wooden door and empty flowerpots could attest to that.

A few days ago, maybe.

She entered, staff at the ready in case of unwanted surprises. She didn't think that the demons really needed food, as all they seemed to hunger for was strife and suffering, so she looked through the house's storage, finding a few parcels of still-good food. She was hungry, but she couldn't deny that it wasn't the only reason she went inside the cottage. She had lived in a similar one long ago, in happier times.

"Danielle, you won't find them waiting for you anymore. They're gone," she told herself.

She gave one last, almost sad, look at the place before returning to the road.

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What seemed to be a tall, white-armoured man with a greatsword sheathed across his back was walking down the same road Danielle was walking, but at a greater distance from the town. He (it was hard to tell the person's gender, and indeed breed — Tartaruchi, human, or something else — because of the all-engulfing armour) found the same cottage and stopped by it.
He sat down near its entrance, arranging the greatsword's sheath so it would be more comfortable, and put a hand to his helmet. The helmet disappeared, revealing the head of a young, purple-brown-haired, girl. She sighed and picked a jar of what seemed like mouldy vegetable preserves. With another sigh, she opened it, smelled its contents, and threw it behind her back in disgust. It hit the cottage's wall and shattered.
Getting up, she put a hand to her face again, causing her helmet to reappear, and continued to walk down the road, a few hundred metres from Danielle.
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State of Mind
Hannah was tired.

In the past two days she had faced the forces of the Abyss three times. Only the first had been a victory for her against the Tartarus. The second time had led her on a wild chase before Hannah had lost sight of it. The third giving her a fight for her life only to disappear before she could pull herself together. The latter two had happened during the nights, killing her sleeping schedule and her mornings.

"Nothing some coffee can't fix." she mumbled to herself.

Coffee and a nap. In the meantime, Hannah continued going down the road trying to live this current moment in her live as normally as possible. There were groceries in her hand and her home was only half a mile away and -

What was that?

The sound, a loud crack in the air repeated itself. Was that a gunshot? Hannah could hear shouts coming from the other side of the block. A chill ran through her bones as something that sounded like dogs but not quite like dogs overtook the confused yelling and replaced it with terrified screaming.

Tiredness and groceries momentarily forgotten, Hannah took off down the road to meet the monsters terrorizing her town.
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"Look for an opening, strike at a weak point. Look for an opening, strike at a weak point. "

The mantra that once helped Haruka to concentrate when fighting demons and witches echoed in her mind on and endless loop. There was nothing else, no memories, no thoughts, no fears and no emotions. She was a machine, methodically parrying enemy blows and dealing out her own strikes as efficiently as possible. The witch she was fighting used to be one of her friends, the last to fall into despair. Whether deriving perverted joy or simply trying to utilize physiological warfare, she taunted Hiiragi.

"You abandoned them! And then you killed them all!"

The eerily distorted voice didn't reach Haruka however, she blocked it out, concentrating on defeating the evil entity. She often sparred with her friend, she knew every tactic that could be employed against her. Not one attack could reach her battle aura, she managed to deflect every blow using her sword. And after an arduous fight, an opportunity finally arose.

"Look for an opening, strike at-NOW!"

Haruka concentrated all her magical energy into the blade and slashed vertically. The witch could not dodge nor parry in time, she was sliced in half. The two halves of the body hit the floor and the dark energy slowly evaporated leaving behind a horribly wretched carcass. Haruka sheathed her sword, turned around and walked away. It was finally over. All the girls she grew up with and loved were dead.

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Sora Maxwell — Near the Yello Harlequin, Kind of pissed

"HEY!" a deep shout came out of nowhere. Though the voice was heavy and filled with conviction. This strange witch, she had seen her before. Causing needless destruction everywhere she went. Something like that couldn't keep existing. Sora walked forward in her normal apparel. A brown jacket, a white tanktop under it and blue-jean shorts. She didn't have any shoes on her feet, though, probably because she didn't prefer them? "What do you think your doing?"

Wait, how the hell did Sora even find her here?

"ANSWER ME!" and why had she been so mad?

Dawn Osbourne — The hill

The magical girl was completely oblivious to those walking along the same hill. Her head was in the clouds, imagining the fights to come. Imagining ways to avenge those that she has lost.

Slimy, dark bastards..., a deep frown on her face as her walk continued.

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Liliette managed to escape the small area of land her mom's house was situated on, escaping her mom's watchful eye as a result. Her mom was going to be angry again...But it was worth it. There was still some beauty in this world, even with everything that had disappeared from it. She walked with a perk in her step, noticing she was approaching a hill. Even stranger was the fact that there was another person walking on top of that hill! A person?" A living, breathing person, in somewhere like this? That was rather rare!

She patted down her bright pink skirt that decorated her bottom. reaching down to her lower legs before doing the same to the white blouse covering her torso. After all, she had to look nice if there was company! Liliette sped up her steps until she was running in the general direction of Dawn. She waved her arms energetically, yelling out a quick "Hey!". This was going to be a great day!

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Danielle was feeling uneasy. There was someone following her. She had caught a glimpse shortly after leaving the abandoned cottage, when she thought she heard something behind her. It was hard to tell what it was, aside from being basically a walking suit of armor. It was probably not Tartaruchi. She had never seen them walk long distances without something to chase.

Human? Or something else entirely?

Still, even if she were to assume it was a person, it was rather odd. Normal armor only really worked on the weaker demons. Her armor was magical, so that was a different matter. Another thing that made her uneasy was the town ahead. In the few minutes since it had been in her sight, there had been a sudden burst of activity. Either something good had happened, or the opposite.

She decided that this stranger was a more pressing matter. She took a deep breath, stopped walking, and turned around. She stood still, one of her crystals hovering near her head, waiting for the armored man to come close enough. She could shoot at this range, of course, but she wasn't even sure if he was a bad guy.

Maybe I should've hidden instead?

It was too late for that now. If she tried, she'd get noticed right away.
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The armoured girl noticed another girl walking down the same road, or, rather, waiting for her. Her suspicions were immediately aroused: if a girl wore armour, let alone had a crystal hovering near her head, it usually meant she was either an Aigis, or, worse, a Witch. Slowly, she drew her sword while she was still rather distant.
Resting its blade on her shoulder, she continued walking until she was about a bow-shot away. Then she planted her sword, blade-first, in the ground, and put her hands on the blue gem decorating its pommel.
Slightly tilting her head, she waited for the other girl to make the first move.
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The hounds fell upon the milling humans and tore into them. Screams of fear were overlaid with screams of pain and when they reached an awful climax, Kiku left her hide spot and moved among the scene of the carnage. It didn't make sense to surrender such an advantage but she felt compelled by an urge she didn't fully understand. It wasn't a physical need either, but psychological; visceral, even. The pain and misery didn't bring her joy, but on the other hand they brought satisfaction and contentment; a feeling of accomplishment after a hard day's work.

Kiku hated it. She gripped her rifle uneasily. A death caused by a well placed shot in a target she had stalked for weeks waiting for the opportune moment; that should have been the only satisfaction she needed. She pounded a nearby wall in disgust, then shoved the barrel of her rifle into a whimpering little girl and squeezed the trigger. The crack rang out and another life was snuffed out. Meaningless. Brushing away the unease, she scoped out another building and busied herself with clearing a new hide site. With another whistle, she recalled the hounds to stalk people around her area for the moment, lest they become too spread out and beyond her magical influence.
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The stranger was nearer now. He took out a weapon - a sword, - stopped quite some distance from Danielle, and appeared to be waiting for her to do something.

He's being cautious... Perhaps not a bad person? Just perhaps.

Realizing that it would be hard to talk this far, Danielle made up her mind and moved closer. Not close enough for that sword to reach, though.

"Who are you and why are you alone?" she asked. "It seems dangerous here, and I don't think armor is going to make much difference against them."
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"I am the White Void. I am the Cold Steel. I am the Just Sword," said the armoured girl. Her voice sounded cold, almost mechanical. "I wander alone, slaying demons and witches wherever I find them. The day the Aegis will not deflect a blow, the day when Moralltach will cease to smite evil wherever I find it, will be the day of my death."
Slowly, she lifted Moralltach and pointed its blade at the other girl. "Are you of the Void, or not? Answer swiftly," she said.
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Dawn Osbourne — Near Liliette

"Huh?" Dawn immediately turned to realize there was another girl nearby. Dawn was wearing her magical girl outfit. This couldn't be good. "Oh hello." was all she managed to say as she attempted to gather her remaining thoughts.

What to say...? Uh..



"I mean my name is Dawn."
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It took Lili a few moments to realize Dawn was wearing her magical girl outfit. Of course, she wasn't aware of magical girls, so she just took it as a really, reeeeeally cute outfit.

"Ooooooh. My. Goooooooooood. You're... you're...SO ADORABLE! That outfit is so perfect. I mean, it's just....gah, amazing!!!"

With that, she started ogling her outfit, commenting on every cute bit she could see. After a minute or so, she calmed down, enough to catch Dawn's little verbal blunder.

"Hi, Dawn, I'm Happy! I mean Liliette, of course. Well, my dad called me that, but it's Lili most of the time. Like the flower, but with an "i", ya know?"

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At that time, Asvel's part-time job turn was over and she was going back home. A few minutes after heading out, she saw some people running and screaming, either for help or as a result of fear and despair. Those who didn't know about it already wondered what was happening. Others went into shelter, bringing in their kids quickly towards the "safety" of home, but as an Aigi she could not do that... and she knew hiding inside home would not protect them.

Her attempt to learn what was happening failed completely. She questioned a few people, but those who replied just said "Run" or "Don't go that way". The girl would have to find out what was happening by herself, so she rushed towards the opposite direction of the fleeing crowd.

When Asvel got there, there were bodies scattered all around, the ground a bloody mess. "This carnage... I-It's terrible".The sight of all kinds of bodies, from men to children, mercilessly torn apart and limbs scattered away from their original bodies, filled her with anger and revolt. "I have to stop whatever did that!".

Eventually, she stumbled upon one of the victims, and found out he was still alive, using all the strenght left to crawl towards one of the buildings. She rushed to help him immediately. "Thank goodness, I found a survivor! Hang on, I'll help you!". He kept staring at her as if he had seen a ghost, but was quick to accept help without even answering and let the girl carry him inside the building.

Getting there, she left him sitting down with his back agaisnt the wall. "What happened here?! There was no alarm from the guards...". He was a middle aged man, trembling with eyes wide open, clothes dirty with blood as well as his forehead and left leg, which had a grotesque bite mark. "T-The Tartaruchi came suddenly, w-we didn't even have time to f-flee..."

"Why didn't the guards sound the alarm?! They couldn't possibly have entered town without anyone noticing!"

"Still, they got inside... I-I don't know how, but t-they did. Hound-like beasts... T-They preyed into anything they saw... Ma-Maybe if we hide here, t-they will leave without n-notice us"

"No. I will not stay here... I can't. I have someone who I must protect. I'll save him from those monsters, no matter what!". Without waiting for a reply, she ran from the building without looking back.

Eventually, she caught a glimpse of the shadow of a dog-like creature. Before following it further, Asvel stopped and transformed into her Aigi self, though it made her get separated from her clue and she had to chase it again.

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The house was a two-story dwelling with simple, yet beautiful furnishings. Ledgers and notebooks were scattered about the floor. A large dinner and three empty chairs had been left where they stood, on and around the table. Kiku strode past all of it, paying no heed, and was up the stairs in two leaps and a bound. Shouldering her rifle, an ill-suited weapon in enclosed spaces, she produced a simple fighting knife and an infernal device with far too many spinning wheels. Kiku then made her way to the room overlooking the street below and, after counting to three, kicked the door in.

The contraption went first, opening with a high-pitched whir and spraying a cloud of needles, all coated in a particularly vicious toxin. When she heard the grenade complete its cycle, Kiku rushed in with knife at the ready — but she need not have bothered. Whoever had occupied this house had fled, presumably when the fighting started. Closing the door behind her, she grabbed a desk sitting against the wall and shoved it into the center along with a chair. She ripped down the fixtures and placed them over the barrel of her rifle, which sat on top of the desk. She then sat down and braced herself, confident that there would be no glint and with a clear view all the way down the street.

She saw one of her hounds move past, and then something else. Another shape. It came into view only for a moment but a flash of familiarity tore through her as surely as one of her own bullets.


It couldn't be. The costume was different but there was something about that girl which was very similar. A coincidence; it must be. Kiku was certain that her old comrades had not been able to predict her movements, yet a lingering doubt still gnawed at the back of her mind. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and waited for the target to come into view again.
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Yui Asakura, the Town

Yui stared out of her window and observed the peaceful town. It wasn't a bad place even though she had only been here for a week or less. Time tended to blend together when you were pretty much always on the road. She streatched absentmindedly as the first shot rang out. Yui looked out at the town again. Another shot rang out. The town went from tranquil to chaos in a matter of moments.

Yui quickly took notice of a few not-quite-demon hounds coming into the town from her window. She transformed into her Aigis state and ran out of the room. Bolting out the door to the outside after running down a few flights of stairs she saw, or rather assumed, that the dogs had split up since she could only see one. It didn't stand a chance against Yui thanks to her years of training. Yui formed a violet spear of crystalized air and threw it like a javelin at the hound.

The hound was resilient and took the spear to the back. It stuck out of its skin and Yui caught its attention. Good she thought the less chance it has to hurt people the better. As the hound ran at Yui she snapped her fingers and said "Dissonance". The crystal spear imbedded in the dog vibrated then shattered violently causing the hound deep wounds. It wasn't dead but it was out of the fight for now at least.

Yui could tell other Aigis were around. She had known there were one or two here when she arrived. Hopefully she would meet up with them along the way. Yui moved down the street in the direction she knew the hounds had come from. She had no idea where the mystery shooter was but moving toward where the hounds had come from was her best bet for finding the other hounds and the shooter given the circumstances.

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After some tracking, it was easy to find the beast she was following. After all, the hound-like creature did nothing to conceal itself. It was running towards a direction in particular, and by observing, Asvel noticed there were other silhouettes moving towards the same direction too. "Hm. This is odd... Are they listening to the call of their master? Either way, I'll use this as an advantage and defeat them one by one.".

The Aigi managed to follow it with ease, even though it was a bit faster than her. She concentrated energy on her fingers, and shot five blue arrows made of light towards the beast. One managed to hit his head, while the others hit his back. Naturally, an arrow to the head would mean certain death, but since her light magic abilities only simulate a true arrow, it wasn't a critical wound. In fact, they desintegrated seconds later after they hit their target. The pain and the effects, however, were just like a normal arrow's, so it still wounded the hound, who now faced her, furious.

After a growl, it ran towards Asvel, then jumped towards her and readied its claws. "This will not work with me!". She pushed the air and, instantly, a light magic projection of her palms went towards the creature and pushed it to an even higher height. Now that her opponent was defenseless, her job would be much easier. She drew her sword with her right hand, jumped towards him as soon as the hound started to fall, and pierced through its chest before it could react.

When they were both in the ground, she sheated her sword again. The beast would probably die in a few seconds, so she didn't need to worry about it anymore. "One down, four to go. I have to stop them before they get farther into the city. If I'm lucky, I'll also learn about their nature and find their master". After muttering these words, she ran towards the direction she last saw the silhouette of a hound, attempting to track them once more. They would, hopefully, lead her to their master... But she only needed one of them to be alive for her plan to work.

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Kiku heard yelps of pain from further down the road. Her hounds were in battle and some of them had died. It seems that the girl was an Aigis after all, maybe even Sif. Prudence would dictate that she withdraw now but Kiku had no such plan; indeed, the thought did not even occur to her. She had to know who that girl was. She saw one of the hounds pawing down the street. Faced with an enemy that it could not overcome on its own, it had chosen to retreat instead and lure them towards the dominant member of its pack - her. Ah, the double edged sword of independent summoned creatures.

Kiku let herself relax. Her breathing became steady and her heart seemed to slow. She could hear it pounding in her ears. Her finger curled around the trigger as she watched from her vantage point deep inside the room that served as her hide spot. Then she saw it - a gleam of sunlight reflecting off something shiny. She shifted her aim to the left where she guessed the target would be and squeezed the trigger. A shot cracked off, flying through the masonry towards its target.
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I missed your post last time I looked, des. sorry.

The stranger's voice was a surprise. The armor hadn't seemed very... girly. Danielle let out a small sigh of relief, but she kept the crystal hovering. There was little to be gained from revealing yourself first to other Aigis or Void Aigis. It gave them the chance to either lie or attack immediately. This person seemed not to care, though.

The truth would probably be best in this situation. "No, I am not. I am also of the Aigis. My name is Danielle. What's yours?" she answered.
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Slowly, the armoured girl put Moralltach back in its former position. "My name is Ashlyn, but it is unimportant," she said. "I have nothing but my quest to rid Gaia of the demons and witches. Nothing else matters."
She lifted one hand — slowly so she'd not seem threatening — and removed her helmet. She shook her head, letting her long braid out of her armour.
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Dawn — Outside Corwin Town

"I've heard of it... you can say my name is like the time of day... even though you probably already know that." the girl's voice trailed off as she looked to the side in an attempt to escape Lili's gaze. "So.. what are you doing? I mean, out here? It's not safe to be outside town. You should go back in." Dawn urged Lili, hoping that she would comply.

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