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51 daltar8th Oct 2012 07:53:25 PM from the fantasy of green. , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Op is good, though I prefer the original version from the game.
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I'm liking this show! I don't see what people are saying about her nasally voice.
I think I was the only one to comment on Komari's voice. Besides, she barely even showed up this episode.
54 Shota10th Oct 2012 03:37:55 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Well a lot are saying the same thing about Rin. :/
...Well, yeah, I can definitely see that. Rin is otherwise entertaining though so I don't mind too much.
56 ozaniel13th Oct 2012 03:44:13 PM from Yeşilköy, İstanbul
New episode is subbed. It is a good episode centered around Komari and her interaction with Rin. There are funny moments and weirdly a spoiler montage which lasts 2-3 seconds when Riki saw Lennon's letter. The pace is slow, I hope we'll get a second season, we didn't even see Kud yet.

And I'm started to think they will go for one loop. Can't blame them because loop thing is almost impossible without spoiling the secret of the world. They will likely hinted during the season.

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I wonder if that green haired girl is Suginami Mutsumi?

^ VN spoilers: If they do everything in a single loop I'll be pissed. It would not be that hard to adapt. Just go through everyone heroine's route, start back from the beginning the next time and have little changes like Rin acting more confidently or Riki hesitating to do things he did in previous loops. Besides, they don't really need to drop hints.

The 'Muscles yay yay!' thing was unexpected. I was not expecting them to give a nod towards that 'ending.' Anyway, never been fond of Komari and this episode isn't helping.

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58 ozaniel13th Oct 2012 04:52:09 PM from Yeşilköy, İstanbul

Well starting back from the beginning suggest that it's a groundhog day loop which should be a secret. And starting over every time which small changes means an Endless Eight spreading along 26 episodes(plus common route is long). If they make it two loop, there would be more changes(plus Kengo joining the team) which makes it enjoyable. Hints are just for the sake of foreshadowing and fanservice for VN players.

[down] Fixed. I didn't know you can't have two paragraphs in one spoiler tag.

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My hatoful Monster Girlfriend is the President Ecstasy: Higurashi After in Summer (All ages memorial edition)
VN spoilers again: You don't need to show the full recruitment every time. Once the cast is established you can start from whatever point and go through things much more quickly.

Also, fix your tags. We're pushing it by discussing this stuff already.

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Conceptually Frameworked
Well yeah, I liked the second episode better.

Not sure about Kamikita, she must be the small cute one, but oddly without the hyperactivity you might expect from someone who eats so much sugar.

If the pacing is slow, it's slow. At 2 cour it can afford to be like this for a little longer I guess.

Although there are the first hints of what I can only assume is one of the main sources of drama.
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61 Shota13th Oct 2012 06:43:31 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Saw yeah! New ep to watch tonight!
Man. If that's as much as they were able to fit in episode 2 (and judging by the preview, 3), I really hope they were able to negotiate 72 episodes... Either way, odds of an omnibus format aren't looking good. I want this to turn out well. sad

Well, aside from that doom and gloom, the episode was pretty okay. Komari's probably the worst heroine, but despite that, the episode didn't make her wear out her welcome. Here's hoping they do Kurugaya justice.

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I didn't disliked this episode. Quite opposite I laughed a lot. Asides of times when protagonist get spotlight, that is. And when It went with that I have weird illness stuff, I could do only one thing: Face Palm...

That guy is just extra.

Oh and there is my wmg:wild mass guessIt's All Just a Dreamwild mass guess

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64 fillerdude14th Oct 2012 06:17:37 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
I have to admit, Kamikita's bouts of klutziness made me laugh. Especially when she tripped when chasing after Rin.

Naoe's narcolepsy is... just kinda there right now. But man, secret of this world? Being disconnected from the world? Constant musings on how nice it would be if they could live like this forever? Yeeeeah, something's going on...
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Why is Rin so afraid of other people (or just other girls?) anyway? Other than that she doesn't really seem like a timid character.
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She's just not good with new people.
67 entropy1314th Oct 2012 07:28:11 AM from Somewhere only we know. , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
After two episodes, the show's slowly heading to the dropzone.
I'm reading this because it's interesting. I think.

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, over.
I liked it. It was funny.
Ah, good, Kurugaya finally shows up. She's a little shorter than I'd expect.

Anyway, I think the art is a little bit too rounded.
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So we're introducing the team one by one as they join? It looks like the next person to show up will be the shortest girl with the light hair, the white... cape? and the hat.

And once these characters are all introduced then maybe things will start happening? I can't honestly say I'm enjoying the antics as much as I usually do (although this could be the fault of how it's been adapted). I usually don't look forward to the sports parts, but maybe that's where this show will shine?

I was expecting a straight out curb stomp battle though (in Kurugaya's favour) so well done messing with my expectations.

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"Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes."
The story doesn't actually dwell on the baseball thing too much. A significant chunk of the common route story is just gathering up team members and slice of life stuff. Actually that's most of it.
Conceptually Frameworked
Are you happy with how the adaptation is being handled then? Is it faithful, or is it all in the twist?
"Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes."
It's faithful enough, I suppose. I remember reading all of these scenes. The thing with the textbook, the Masato x Kurugaya fight, that little tea party etc. I'm more worried about what they'll do when the common route section is over.

As to whether I'm satisfied with this... eh, it's doing okay. The art is a little round and cute for my tastes, the soundtrack was lifted directly from the game and I think it's lacking a little spirit, but it's not doing badly enough that I have any intention of dropping it.
74 dRoy20th Oct 2012 07:38:33 PM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I should get around to watch these. Sounds interesting, if anything.
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75 Shota20th Oct 2012 07:40:11 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
No baseball focus? That's good. I'm not familiar with the game.

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