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I don't know the original intent, but the examples are basically anything funny about or involving money, and some examples are questionable based on that. Description is all over the place, and way more specific than the name and examples. Some of the examples should go in Ridiculous Future Inflation, for starters. Is This Tropable??

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Seems like it's supposed to be about ludicrously low-value currencies. The description should probably be made more clear.
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No, the other one.
[up]As in extreme exchange rates? Yes.

Some examples could stand being moved, though.

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[up][up]Sounds close to Ridiculous Futureinflation.
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[up]That's only supposed to be in science fiction works extrapolating current inflation into the future, though. (Yes, I know, the examples are bad.)
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In the Real World(tm), the term "funny money" is used for counterfeit money at least as often as it's used for valueless real currency. It may even simply mean "foreign currency".
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[up][up]Apparently not:

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No, the other one.
[up]That's your conclusion of it. The thread isn't resolved yet.
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I think we need an Extreme Exchange Rate(or some other name) page for money that have lots and lots of zeros and for money with a ridiculously high value. Like when three eggs costs 100 billion or when the smallest coin (1 cent) could buy a fancy dinner.

Funny money(or maybe odd tender?) would then be used for when the legal tender itself is funny(or odd). Like using cacaobeans/seashells, banknotes with funny colors/pictures, ridiculously big copper coins etc.
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@6: Agree, "funny money" is a pre-established term for counterfeit cash. That's a misuse magnet right there (actual Wick Check notwithstanding) for a trope whose definition is merely a Ridiculous Exchange Rate.
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Agreed; the current name is no good.
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I move for a rename crowner on the grounds that the title is misleading and there isn't enough usage for Name Inertia to protect it.

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I s'pose.
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I feel like the relative strength of currencies could be added to this trope as well - while they often go together as when a currency gets weaker it tends to suffer hyperinflation, I'm not sure if it's really worthy of a separate trope by itself.

Could it perhaps be an internal subtrope, where currency strength is dealt with separate from exchange rate? Or should I take this elsewhere?
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Page and wicks moved, discussion, FAQ topic and Renamed Tropes tagged.
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Alternative Titles: Funny Money
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