Duplicate Trope: Literature.The Enchanted Stag

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Actually this is a thread about two work pages, not a trope. But this should be resolved pretty quickly.

It appears "The Enchanted Stag" is a duplicate of "Brother and Sister". Both pages are just based on different translations of the same fairy tale ("Brüderchen and Schwesterchen", Grimms' Fairy Tales No. 11).

I made an improved version of a page for that work (using some of the content of both pages) at Sandbox.Brother And Sister. If there are no objections, I'd like to make that sandbox draft the new "Brother and Sister", and turn this page here into a redirect.
Let's just say and leave it at that.
As nobody objected, I went through with my proposal.
Let's just say and leave it at that.
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Good work.
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Thank you. Since I don't expect any more activity, I hollered the thread as resolved.
Let's just say and leave it at that.
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