Should CelticMythology be moved to the UsefulNotes namespace?:

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Hello from Honneamise
I just wanted to get a group consensus before I did anything.

P.S. Sorry about spelling "mythology" in the title. How do I fix that?

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1) Trope Repair Shop topic, 2) I think you can do that and 3) holler for the mods.
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I think that whatever we do with the page, it should be consistent with all our other mythology pages. Which might be too broad a discussion for TRS.

I tend to think they're closer to being work pages, but there's a useful-notes element as well. It's one of those tricky cases, like Shakespeare, that both has tropes, and appears in works.

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I fixed the title.
I once suggested a "Verse/" namespace that would have included the mythology pages. though Fast Eddie did not approve. Admittedly it would have created overlap problems with Franchise/.

However not every Fictional Universe or Shared Universe is a franchise. The various mythology pages, and non-franchise 'universe' pages like Cthulhu Mythos, Noon Universe and a few others don't currently have a proper namespace assigned.

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Let's just say and leave it at that.
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