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Lord Invader:

 1 Morwen Edhelwen, Sun, 26th Aug '12 7:17:58 PM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
Lord Invader singing "God Made Us All"

Rum and Coca-Cola, one of Invader's compositions, and covered up by the Andrews Sisters.

Lord Invader, (Rupert Westmore Grant), was a Trinidadian calypsonian who wrote the song "Rum and Coca Cola" in 1943. Unfortunately, very few people actually know that he wrote it, and with very different, serious lyrics than the frequently-heard version.

He was involved in a plagiarism lawsuit over that song, because the comedian Morey Amsterdam took it and rewrote it into the popular version. Since I'm interested in calypso myself, he's also one of my personal heroes, because his lyrics are great. I only wish mine were that good. The first one is actually a cover. (In traditional calypso, you don't really cover songs as such, although in the 1930s and 1940s, many calypsonians sang kalindas (traditional stick-fighting songs) and older pieces.) He started doing a lot of covers once he returned to America to settle the lawsuit over his song and revived his recording career.)

One recording of Invader singing "New York Subway".

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The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
 2 Morwen Edhelwen, Wed, 29th Aug '12 5:31:08 AM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
Anyone else heard of Lord Invader? Or am I the only one?
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
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