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"Ah yes," said Elios, looking up from his notes while a bit happy to have someone to talk to. "Working at the capital, I can tell you that very few of us take this whole 'Magitech' idea seriously. Very few wizards live close enough for research, and even less of them seem thrilled with working with us, however, so we have little to work with in the first place!" The Doctor took a swig out of a mug, which contained a bizarre mixture of alcohol and apple cider he made up to distract an apple-loving opponent during a high-stakes game of craps.

He put the mug down and inspected Feruccio a bit more closely. "You seem to know quite a bit about the current state of affairs," he said, arching an eyebrow. "What's your profession, stranger? Are you a cowboy, or a bounty hunter or something?"
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"I'm living in them," Ferruccio shrugged, "There's not a lot of opportunity really out here. A lot of people planning to get rich quick, few actually succeeding. Me? I'm just with a local militia. It's bad hours and barely enough pay to support myself, so I'm thinking of finding something that pays enough to settle on."

"It's purely theory at this point due to a lot of factors," He paused, "And anything claiming solid 'Magitek' is a hoax by rule of thumb but it's theoretically sound. Why shouldn't Anilix methods work on Circulian physics? By and large, it's a stubbornness on both sides and national pride on behalf of the Circulians, if you ask me but it's worth more investigation. Any Wizard willing to go under a microscope is worth twice his weight in gold."

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"Agh! Rider! Either jump or do a she says!" Ferrus yelled to the man dragging him, "We need to get somewhere secluded so we can talk this over! Or at least evade the cops!"
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Hah! Almost out of the street... Eh? "Gah!" Ganbattar was suddenly smacked straight in the back with a grappling hook.. Luckily it didn't seem to pierce his flesh, but it still hurt. It appears his quarry was riding behind him now! On some strange sort of shield... Ganbattar dashes ahead anyways, but slowed now due to towing Ferrus.. And then the smoke clears in a tunnel.. Strange, but it appears to lead out.. And then a girl stepped into the way. "Woah Mori!" The horse starts slowing down, but not fast enough.. Ganbattar and Mori are pressed against the unseen forcefield. "Hello."
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"Good morning, gentlemen. Nice to see you men so lively so early in the day" Said Rebecca with a small grin as she let her forcefield fade into nothingness just as the smoke from her crystals cleared "Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Rebecca Weistrand, daughter of Weist town's mayor. It seems like you have half the men working for my good old man after you"

Rebecca then fished a glove from her pockets and put it on... And once she opened the her newly gloved hand the crystals in the floor flew right into her open palm "Now given that you two look like fine good gentlemen, why don't you civilly wait here with me until they catch up and then we can clear whatever misunderstanding set them after you?"

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Ferrus skid to a halt as Mori did, swinging out and around with a spray of sparks, then kicking his shield back up onto his left arm again. He pressed another button on his sword and detached it from Ganbattar, then sheathed his sword. "Well, then, why shouldn't we run? I would hate to have to fight a noblewoman such as yourself. I work outside the impotent law for a reason, I don't think I could actually do what I need to do and also be a part of your police force, and being in prison just isn't me."
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Hearing Ferrus' words, Rebecca couldn't help but give out a hearty laugh as she slipped her glove and crystals back into one of her many pockets "Please, sir. To call the daughter of a little Border town's mayor a noblewoman is way too much for a simple joke"

"As for why wouldn't you run... Why, my good armor clad knight, that coupled with your words would lead one to believe that you truly are lawless man guilty of some manner of crime against my poor little birth town" said the woman with the goggles on her head her manner of speech quite relaxed and light hearted.

That is until the moment she put on a far more serious expression which lasted for only a second "Were you two truly criminals which harmed my town or its people then I would be forced, together with the rest of the law enforcement, to put a stop to your escape by any means possible, possibly ending in physical trauma, incarceration or death to the offending parties. I don't know exactly where do you come from, sir knight, but in Weist town the law might not see all that much action but it is anything but impotent."

"Now as I said before... why don't we settle down now, wait for the officers to arrive and I shall help you deal with this misunderstanding. After that we can share a cup of coffee and talk about the truly wonderful design of your armor and the ingenious methods behind the rider's magics"

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Ganbattar glances to his left, looking at nothing in particular. "There was an explosion.. I thought people might need help.. And actually, this is just about where it was at.. Is everyone okay? It looked like people might have been hurt.. I couldn't have that.. I mean, do you know what happened? Is everyone okay?" Ganbattar continues in a loop of similar phrases and questions for a while, but then realizes he's been repeating himself, shaking his head. "But anyways, what are you doing here?"
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"Oh that" said Rebecca, relaxing her posture a little and resting one of her hands on her hip "I appreciate your concern but, fortunately, nothing bad happed. Merely a little accident in a research workshop. The fires are under control and there were no wounded besides a young inventor's pride. I was here overseeing a friend's experiment when I heard Weist town going to hell... thus I came here to find the two of you"

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"As was I. Considering my... mechanically augmented strength," Ferrus said, powering the suit down, "I believed I could help, and I would love to share the workings of my suit over some tea. Quite like a sir. Now, I understand there was a bit of a misunderstanding here. I apologize."
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Weist Town - Border - Morning

The police lieutenant and two others ride up on powerful steeds from behind Ferrus and Ganbattar, their conjured horses rearing as they came to an abrupt stop. "Resisting arrest is a very serious offence!" Snarled the lieutenant. "I - Oh, Ms. Weistrand. What are you doing here?" He quickly glances at the two vigilantes. "Is everything alright here? Are you alright?"

Shortly after he arrives, the policewoman that had been at Weston's workshop with Selia catches up with Rebecca, having been momentarily delayed by some fleeing citizens... And shortly after that, the rest of the pursuing policemen arrive, huffing and puffing after trying to keep up with conjured horses. The fact that they were never too far behind is a testament to their fitness.
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Weist Town - Border - Morning

Rebecca let out a little sigh, though she was still smiling "Tea it is. Was hoping to get away with serving coffee but I should have seen the folly in such an effort. After all, you do carry the look of a tea man if I ever saw one"

"I am quite alright, Lieutenant George. Just doing my bit to help the community. I do think there has been some commotion or misunderstanding around here. Lets discuss what happened calmly. After all I assure you that these two gentlemen won't be causing more trouble for Weist Town" said Rebecca after the which she tried to get the full story of what happened, tried to get Ganbattar and Ferrus to apologize for their behavior and in general tried to solve things in the most diplomatic way possible.
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Weist Town - Border - Morning

The lieutenant seemed rather dissatisfied with not being able to arrest the two vigilantes, but was not about to defy the mayor's daughter, seeing as he essentially owned the town and the police force was a volunteer group. "I sincerely hope you're right, Ms. Weistrand." He grumbled. "Because regardless of their..." He grinds his teeth for a moment. "noble intentions, they have still managed to cause quite a lot of distress - especially for just two men!" His horse fidgets briefly.

"Merchant stands, goods, property and persons alike have all been damaged, and although I don't know the precise extent to which each was harmed, I should think that the people of our fair town are going to want reparations of some kind... And, perhaps, for those responsible to be held responsible..." He said. "But, I suppose the final decision ultimately rests with you, Ms. Weistrand..." He admitted, begrudgingly.
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"Hmmm now that is quite grave... I will want a complete report on the damages caused to the town, Lieutenant. Rest assured that I won't leave such damages go unpaid or unrepaired" said Rebecca with the appropriate amount of seriousness before shooting a grin at the two troublemakers "Even if I must have our new guests make the repairs by hand"
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Weist Town - Border - Morning

"Yes ma'am." Said the lieutenant, eyeing the two vigilantes suspiciously. "We'll get right on that... But in the meantime... How will we ensure that our 'guests' remain in town to live up to their responsibilities?" The lieutenant firmly believes that the two men should be arrested for the damage they've caused, even if Weist Town can't afford to imprison anyone for more than a few days. He reluctantly sends a few officers away to help out the townsfolk and assess the damages.
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"I shall keep them under my custody until the issue is sorted out and their debts to Weist town are repaid" says Rebecca "Will that be satisfactory to you, Lieutenant?"
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Weist Town - Border - Morning

"Erm," Said the lieutenant, uncertainly. "Of course, Ms. Weistrand... But... Under your custody? You intend to keep them here yourself?" He said, somewhat confused and a bit concerned for her safety. "This is highly irregular, but if you insist, well, it's better than nothing, I suppose..." After a moment or two, he reluctantly heads off to assess the damage with the rest of the police.
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Weist Town - Border - Morning

"Well we might move somewhere else but I'll keep them in my sight at all times" Assured Rebecca before the officer went away.

"Alright then, gentlemen shall I introduce you to my good friend Selia?" Says Rebecca as she turns to the younger woman.
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Weist Town - Border - NOON

The sun should have been high in the sky, but it was as dark as night outside. Howling wind rattled windows as booming thunder shook entire houses. Rain pelted the town viciously, coming down in thick sheets that sometimes feel sideways as the wind tore through the landscape. Lightning flashed often and intensely in the sky, shining blinding light on the town before it plunged back into darkness.

Selia ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She tripped and slid in the thick mud as her foot got caught in the slushy mess. She abandoned her shoes to their fate as she got back up and sprinted through the forest, desperately trying to get back to town. She hadn't expected a storm like this to come on so quickly; when she'd left just a few minutes ago, the sky had been cloudy, yes, but these thick, black storm clouds had come out of nowhere. Covered in scrapes and mud, barefoot, soaking wet and quite cold, she wondered if she'd ever dare to go for a walk on a cloudy day ever again.

Thankfully, she hadn't wandered too far from town when the storm had begun, so she soon saw the lights of the town's various fireplaces and lanterns. Feeling a renewed sense of hope and energy, she ran the final stretch home as fast as she could. Weston's workshop, as it so happens, was on the outskirts of town, and he had been waiting for her to come back. Having been peering out one of his soot-stained windows for the past little while, he jumped into action when he saw a figure in the distance running towards town. He struggled against the howling wind to open the door, grabbing a near-by lantern and waving her over with it.

"Come inside!" He shouted, over the noise of the wind, as she approached. "Quickly! Come on!" Selia was more than glad to see a friendly face after her peaceful walk had turned into a disaster. She hurried inside, and he shut the door firmly behind her. "You okay?" He said, wrapping a towel around her shoulders. "F- Fine." She said, nodding, as she shivered a bit. "I just f-fell a couple t-times, that's all." He walked her over to the small fire he had going, though it became a roaring one as she sat down by it.

"Wes," She said, quietly. "Were you... Waiting for me?" She asked. He had been waiting for her, but couldn't being himself to admit that, for some reason. "Uh, well," He said, with an uncertain laugh. "I work here, remember? It's only noon. Ha ha... Let me get you some tea or something. I'm sure I have stuff around here somewhere..." She simply nodded as he walked into the other other room. On his way to the small, barely-used kitchenette in his shop, he glanced outside. Lightning illuminated the sky, and for a moment, Weston thought he saw something unusual in the sky. But the light was very short-lived, and it was too dark too see anything clearly...
Weist Town - Le' Deli - NOON

Elios stopped writing down notes on his journal* and payed attention to the weather outside. This had been quite an engrossing conversation, you see! His eye looked forth and saw that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. His vision was blurred by the sheets of rain falling on the window, but he could tell that it was as dark as night outside!

"My god," exclaimed the doctor, "this is horrible! It was sunny for my entire trip up, and now this? We're the center of the continent, and it looks like there's a hurricane coming through!" Elios got up and ran for the door, hoping to give his Auto-Mule a less rust-inducing place to stay.

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Rebecca stood by the window of her workshop as the storm raged on, a hot cup of coffee on her hands while frowning at the strange climate. Normally she wouldn't mind a bit of rain, she found it relaxing after all, but this storm was just too strong and too sudden. She had to worry about the consequences such rain would bring to Weist town. She glanced at her jacket perched near the main entrance... ready in case she was required to run into the storm to help with some calamity. The men of her father knew to sent someone to fetch her should they have need of her expertise.

But for now she could do nary but frown at the strange storm and drink her coffee... Maybe she would put her mind into one of her many half finished models. The two troublemakers she had given a room in her workshop to rest in... and she had not heard much of them since. Oh she checked to make sure they were still inside, but they seemed to be staying put for the moment. Still, maybe one of them would come outside to talk of their magic or their inventions.

Aileen took refuge into her little home in Takei as the storm rose in strength. This was no ordinary storm... somehow she felt that. Maybe once it became stronger she would leave her home and stand underneath its water and wind... bask in its strength to try and understand it better.

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Takei City - Anilix - Noon

Varlam had thankfully gotten indoors shortly after the weather started to turn sour. Specifically, he got to the carriage station where he had been hoping to rent one for getting to Circium. It was there he was met with an obstacle. "Sorry lad, but there's no way I'm taking my horses out in that weather. I bet the trains are still running, but they can't even take you all the way to the border, let alone Circium" the man in charge, a burly figure with prosthetic legs and a cigar in his mouth, told Varlam.

"Train's too expensive. Isn't there other way to leave today?" Varlam asked, a little desperate. He wanted so badly to go to Circium that it clouded his common sense a little. Well, though to be fair, every day he stayed in Takei he'd have to use money that could instead be used towards getting him to Circium.

"Not unless the weather clears up or you find someone with a big automation to take you" the man replied, then went back to sorting out some paperwork on his desk.

Varlam thought about it, then glanced at the device on his arm and had a bit of a crazy idea. "Okay, thanks anyway" Varlam said, giving the man a wave as he headed back out the door. Varlam was no stranger to being outdoors in poor weather, but this was still worse than even he was used to. Still though, he fared a bit better than the other people about who were mostly just trying to get indoors. Trudging through the rain and trying to stick to more cobbled or paved streets to avoid mud, Varlam made his way towards the train station.
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Ferrus' armor lounged in a corner of the room, the lighting casting it like some kind of specter looming in the darkness. He leaned his sword and shield against the armor—at the same time pointing to Ganbattar and making up some story about how the Armor was in fact a vicious Anti-Circite Automaton—and left his room, clad in the overalls he wore under his Armor.

"I never got to thank you for indulging me, miss Weistrand!" he called down the stairs, "I've had hardly any kindness given me since I arrived in Weist Town aside from you and the Sanderssens who own that Inn! Good to know the daughter of the mayor is a shining example to the rest of the town, eh? And who's this Selia you wanted to introduce me to?"

All of this Ferrus spat out in one breath as he sauntered down the stairs, finally stopping at the bottom, hands on his hips and smiling like someone deserving of the title Sir.
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Acetus-Seraphim's Dwelling-Noon

Seraphim'a palm illuminates the dim chamber as he slowly freezes water into ice to preserve the leftovers of his hastily made lunch. He quickly walks across the room and hastily pushes the leftovers of what appears to be some kind salad and the bowl it's contained in into an icebox, being careful not to trip over a futon, the only piece of furniture in the room. The hinge squeaks and Seraphim sighs, pausing a moment to better oil the hinge with a spell that had generally been reserved to the double doors of the kitchen before he'd been forced out of the family restaurant.

I wish I would've gotten back down on my hand and knees with my sister and stayed. It would have been so much easier to get back considering our home was upstairs.

Seraphim goes to open the door to get going back to work, only to slam it shut after a gust of wind and rain from the open stairwell blasts him in the face.

He sighs once again, bolts the door, and closes his eyes, standing completely still for about thirty seconds before he reappears gasping for breath in the break room of the hospital.

He mutters under his breath as he makes his way to the front again. "So much for conserving my energy for healing."

When he finally makes it to the front he is greeted by a huge mob of people. He does a double take, and opens his mouth to speak, attempting to put as much force as possible behind his timid voice.

"You do know that um..."

He stops for a moment, unaccustomed to so many eyes on him at once.

"the hospital doesn't allow loitering, and that we..."

Out of the corner of his eye he spots what appears to be a sign being blown across the ground, though it's not obvious as it is so smeared with mud.

"Perhaps I'll go to management and get an exemption."

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Weist Town - Border - noon

As if the storm itself wasn't bad enough, Weist Town's troubles were far from over. The storm raged on for some time, showing no intention of stopping any time soon, as anything left outside that was not secured was quickly swept away by vicious wind and pounding rain, the noise overshadowed by the boom of thunder from overhead. It was then, in the midst of the storm, that the earth itself seemed to turn against the town. The ground rumbled, softly at first, but quickly picking up intensity until the shaking was undeniable. Tea cups, glasses, vases and other delicate items were rattled off of counters, tables and shelves as top-heavy objects fell and furniture was shifted.

At the height of the quake, an ear-shattering, unnatural shriek assaulted the minds everyone in the village, then, suddenly, the earthquake stopped. And although the storm outside raged on, it seemed as though the earth beneath their feet, at least, had stopped heaving. "By the Gods!" Said Selia, picking herself up off the floor. She had been sitting by the fire with Weston, almost dry and with a small bandage or two on her fortunately quite light scrapes. Her chair had been stable enough during the earthquake, but the shriek that followed had felt as though someone had kicked her right in the head. "Wha-what was that?"

"Whatever it was, it can't have been good." Groaned Weston, as he picked himself up off the floor as well. "I should go find Rebecca... You stay here, I won't be long." He said, quickly grabbing a coat, a lantern and his flintlock pistol as he stumbled for the door, his balance not fully returned yet. "Weston-!" Selia started to object, but her friend was already out the door. She sighed and shook her head; as much as she liked him, she knew very well that he had a tendency to be a bit impulsive.

He battled the wind, rain and mud to make slow progress through the town, wishing he'd stopped to get boots and wondering if Rebecca would have even heard the shriek as he and Selia had. He wasn't far from his shop when a particularly strong gust of wind nearly blew him over, twisting his footing in the mud to make him face a different direction. As he briefly struggled to stay upright, he spotted something strange down the road; a large, shifting shape in the darkness, seemingly coming towards him. "Hello?" He shouted, trying to be heard over the pounding rain. "Who's th-?" He stopped himself as a flash of lightning allowed his eyes to behold the terrible sight for just a short moment.

"Sweet Iron Ore..." He gasped, under his breath, as he felt his legs seize up in fright. Even through the darkness he glimpsed massive fangs gleaming in the shallow light of his lantern. He quickly raised his gun and fired, the gunshot mostly consumed by the roaring thunder. Much to his surprise, sparks appeared when the bullet hit, revealing some kind of metal sheet. He felt the colour drain from his face as the fangs got closer and closer.

Abruptly, he felt himself shoved out of the way, a hooded figure wearing one of his tattered old coats taking his place and producing a stream of blazing fire from their hand. "Selia?!" He said, rather startled by the whole situation. "Weston!" She shouted. "Run! Right now!" He gaped in disbelief as the flames thrown from her hand seemed to keep the monster at bay, illuminating its horrible, massive snake-like body and the metal plating that covered it. "I can't leave you!" He said, quickly standing up again. "Don't be an idiot!" She screamed. "I'm coming with you! Now let's go! RIGHT NOW! I CAN'T DO THIS FOREVER, WES!"

He quickly bolted for Rebecca's house, and, with one final burst of fire, she hurried after him, the monster blending in with the darkness around them as it gave chase, its slithering mass muted by the thunder and rain.

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