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Figured we needed a thread for this. Y'know, just in case there were some fans who still wanted to talk about it.

But really, I just had this thought and had to share it:

Is it just me, or did the murderer from "Mr. Monk And The Magician" think he was a supervillain or something? I kept thinking "Batman" every throughout the whole episode. I liked it, but it was a little tacky once or twice. It kind of showed me how gimmick villainy played straight in a different genre kind of courts incredulity unless handled perfectly.

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A lot of them were crazy smug pricks, like the radio DJ and the astronaut.
But this guy... it was like: "magic is my thing... so I'm going to do magic every waking moment, use misdirection based crimes, use a magician's tool as a murder weapon, theme my gloating around magic, make deals with my mob contacts by doing magic, and even use stage magic to put my nemesis in a deathtrap (though thankfully the deathtrap itself wasn't magic based)."

The whole time, I was like "this guy is hilarious."

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Does anyone know if Wordof God ever confirmed what was written on the page Natalie ripped off in "Mr. Monks Favorite TV Show" ?
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Now that I think about it, Monk riffed on Columbo a bit. The bad guys act like bullies and taunt Monk's neuroses. And both dectectives use their weaknesses as advntages.
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I love this show to death but it really does bug me that 90% of the humor is derived from the fact no one will just spit out "HE HAS OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER ANDA GERM PHOBIA!"
A lot of them were crazy smug pricks, like the radio DJ and the astronaut.

Those 2 are nothing compared to the guy that played chess.
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[up][up]That would require use of Common Sense/Logic and that would take away the humor.
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