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"It's time."

The creature stood up, looking around. He was in a very peculiar place: the place between the universes. A completely empty void. Nothing as far as the eye can see. The creature was safe here. The Void permanently erased a person from existence- if a human were to step into it, that human would cease to exist. No one would remember him, not even the books. It was only the creature's godly power that allowed him to survive inside the Void. Bringing his hands together, he began to pray:

"Si vis votum, para bellum. Si vis votum, para bellum."

It was time for another hunt. Time for another group to have the chance to change their lives. Time for another wish.

Prince Sokka slowly opened his eyes. What the hell just happened? One moment, he was standing on his ship, receiving a report from his general, and the other, he was in... in a... where was he? The young Water Empire prince looked around. This was a weird place indeed. Apparently, everything was made of metal. The floor, the walls, the ceiling... but something very interesting caught the prince's eye. Not only were there multiple doors and seats scattered around this weird room, there were also various... buttons scattered around metallic-looking tables. Some of them were round, some of them were attached to the wall... and there were red buttons, yellow buttons, blue buttons, big buttons, small buttons, square-shaped buttons... there were also buttons with letters on them.

But still, even after analysing these weird buttons, something even bigger surprised Sokka. One of the walls had a giant window. And through this window, he could clearly see the sky. Stars as far as the eye can see, some of them blue, some of them red... what was this trickery? Was he in some sort of Fire Nation prison? He had to find his way out of this wretched place, and he would make sure that the people responsible for putting him in there received their punishment.

The prince's thoughts were once again stopped, but this time, by a weird, weird man. The weird man proceeded to groan as he got up, massaging his left eye for some reason. However, as he analysed the place around him, Sokka could not stop looking at that ridiculous "thing" he was wearing around his neck. The weird man stopped looking around, and his eyes caught Sokka- to be more precise, the scar in Sokka's left eye. Narrowing his eyes, Sokka pulled out a dagger from his belt, the only type of blade he ever carried around with him. Pointing it at the weird man, he shouted:

"Who are you?! A Fire Nation prison guard? I demand you release me at once!"

"Oh no. This is bad. This is very bad..." was the weird man's reaction. He proceeded to completely ignore Sokka, and pulled out a small device with a light on the top. He pressed a button on its side and proceeded to wave it around, like a madman. Sokka groaned, and walked over to him, his dagger still pointed at the madman's face:

"I don't think you heard me. Who are you?!"

"Me? Well, I'm the Doctor."

"The Doctor?" Sokka raised an eyebrow. What kind of fool called himself "the Doctor"? And why was he waving that stupid light around?! Focusing on the device, he asked, "Are you the man responsible for putting me in this prison?!"

"What? Prison? No, no, this is not a prison! First of all, if it's a prison, why didn't they take away your little weapon?"

The madman did have a point. "I knew the Fire Nation peasants were idiots, but not like this. Escaping this prison will be an easy task."

"You're still missing the big picture, friend."

"Don't call me friend."

"Alright, that doesn't change the fact that you're still missing the big picture."

"And what is this big picture?"


The Doctor silently pointed to the unconscious bodies of other people, some of them human, some of them robots, some of them alien creatures. Little did these two know, but like them, these people would also wake up, one by one, ready to meet the exciting new world that surrounded them. For they were now in the greatest spaceship in the Universe, a ship that would provide them with whatever they needed, a ship that would take them in an amazing hunt for a wish.

The name of the ship? The Votum. And they were its new crew members.

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A large man- around eight feet tall- began stirring as he got to his feet.

"All right ya scurvy dogs! Whicha you let Recoome cook! I tell ya every week not to-"

He looked around, forcing himself to his feet. He still had his cutlass as well as his hat. He put it on to cover his hair-horns and turned to glare at the two men before him. He pointed what The Doctor would recognize as a flintlock from the age of piracy at the two before speaking up in an angry tone.

"Alright, lads, ye get one chance t' answer before I keelhaul ye. Who's tryin ta collect tha bounty a' Captain Ginyu?"

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Aww, son of a bitch
It was at this point that Heinrich began to question his plan of action.

Truth be told, despite the numerous contingencies he had in place, this had not been something he expected. A direct assault had bee, for one thing, dangerously stupid and, for another, completely implausible. Unfortunately, those were two fields that Atomic Robo and his "Action Scientists" seemed to specialize in. Action Scientists. The name would make him scoff, if he was able. They were hardly scientists nowadays, no more than poorly-trained thugs with superweapons. But they came at him, time and time again.

While it was something that the aged Baron enjoyed greatly, there was a time and a place for such contemplation. Lying on the floor of what remained of his European base, his vision clouded by the slowly settling dust and his audio receptors still buzzing with the crashing of debris, was neither. Though that brought him right back to the previous topic, didn't it? They had tracked him down, somehow, some way, bearing down on his doorstep with a rifle in one hand and a test-tube in the other. The ground seemed to shudder beneath him, accompanied by a slow but steady metallic thud. Was he coming? No, he was already here.

Helsingard felt a massive hand grip his head, though at this point he could hardly feel anything. He was lifted into the air, his legs dangling limply like those of a cloth doll. Though the massive steel fingers obscured his view, he managed to catch a glimpse or two of the towering chrome warrior that held him aloft. He was a bulky thing, broad-shouldered, with limbs like tree trunks and bristling with weapons. Two eyes, an almost blinding blue, shone out, reflected slightly by his flawlessly polished chassis. The face of his enemy.

After a few tense moments, Robo's voice cut through the background noise. "So." He said, his grip tightening. "It's come down to this. Shame, really. I think we had a good run, you and me." The hulking machine chuckled at his own joke. Heinrich began to rifle through his pockets, his arms thankfully still free. Eventually, he found what he was looking for. Now, it was just a matter of timing.

"Ah well, no sense in getting sentimental. Any last words, Helsingard?" Robo's grip tightened further, putting several noticeable dents in the Autrian cyborg's head. Here was his chance. In a flash, he removed his hand from his pocket and tossed something at Robo, which stuck fast to his head with an audible clang. The machine's eyes darted from the device, to Helsingard, and back to the device.

"Yes." There was something else in his hand as well. A detonator, hastily cobbled together but still functional. "Give my regards to Edison. There was a click, barely audible. A flash of white, a roaring sound that seemed to drown out everything. It was a worthwhile sacrifice, all told, even if he were to fail.

Though this was far from the end for Heinrich Von Helsingrad.
On the contrary, it was only the beginning.

The world turned to static and buzzing. Was he dead now? Was this the afterlife? Couldn't be. There was no such thing as an empirically proven afterlife, though given his encounters with the supernatural perhaps it wasn't an entirely absurd notion. What had he done to deserve such an end, then? Was this the home of martyrs or fools, or both? Though, again, this was no time for pondering, the baron couldn't help but wonder what had happened. It was only human nature to be curious about his surroundings, though at this point he could hardly be called human. Superficially human, perhaps, but not fully.

The static began to fade, as did the buzzing, giving way to new sights and sounds that only served to magnify his curiosity. He could see the world tinged in orange, as he always did, with internal start-up procedures flashing by at the corners of his vision. As the Austrian rose to his feet with a serious of clatters and clanks, he could see that he was in some sort of metal room, the walls lined with doors and buttons of unknown function. Outside, he could see the stars, stretching far past his vision. Was he in space then? And if so, what had brought him here.

It didn't take long for Heinrich to realize he wasn't alone, though in his state of confusion he hadn't paid the other captives here any heed. There were many scattered about the floor, unconscious, though it seemed that several had came to before him. Two of them looked human, one a rather grim-looking boy with a large scar across his eye, the other an eccentric young man who appeared to be waving around some strange instrument that glowed and hummed. The third passenger in their little group was something that intrigued him the most, a towering humanoid with purple skin, dressed as though he'd just stepped out of the Golden Age of Piracy. And he likely had, given his speech patterns and the look of his weapon.

Heinrich put his hands in front of him defensively, as a gesture of peace more than anything else. Everyone here seemed to be rather riled up, and they weren't going to get anything done if they were at each other's throats. Though he doubted they'd be at all calmed by the sight of a metal man dressed solely in cargo pants. I would suggest you calm yourself mister, Ginyu, was it? If we wish to escape this place, then it would be best if we refrained from violence for the time being." He said, his voice little more than a synthesized monotone.

Hopefully, they'd listen, though the pirate didn't seem particularly reasonable.

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Yuki Terumi slowly opened one of his eyes, and found himself staring at a shiny metallic wall. This was undoubtably a bad sign, since the last thing he remembered was ranting at Rags and his idiot comrades on the roof of the local NOL branch office. Since he had some time to himself and a reflective surface, though, he decided to check how much wear and tear his current form had taken since blacking out. It appeared that he still had his weapons on him, his vitality was as good as usual, and he was still twelve inches tall. One of these days, he'd have to kill Relius for all the ridicule this replacement body had caused him, but as always, it appeared that there were far more important matters to direct his attention towards.

Turning around, 'Chibizama' found that he had an excellent view of two regular idiots, a purple idiot, and a giant tin can trying to come up with an answer to the question that was probably on everyone's minds. For a few moments, he considered speaking up and adding his own P.O.V., especially after the Red Devil wannabe got all 'violence is wrong!' with the other three. But in the end, he decided to just sit back and try to get a better understanding of just how much he'd need to mess with these pawns in the moments to come...
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"Who dares to wake the King of Heroes?" a blonde child demanded, shaking sleep from her eyes and rising with inhuman grace. Though her strength and speed may have been fitting of her stature, nothing could remove the Heroic Spirit's ability to seem just beyond human reach, a perfect specimen to aspire to. The effect was somewhat nullified by her being four foot tall if you were to be generous with an inch or two and the presence of the prototypical, original teddy bear... but it was still there. Too perfect to be human; just imperfect enough to be alluring.

Robot. Man in a bow tie. Someone with a weird disease that coloured them purple—or maybe too many tattoos—and a backdrop of stars. This lead to one inevitable conclusion: "Who dares kidnap the King of Heroes?"

I woke to a ceiling that was not my own. This was far from the first time that this had happened to me; first the Closed Space incident, then waking up in a hospital after the events of December. Rather than scream and panic like any person unaccustomed to the madness of my life would do, I took the time to rub the sleep from my eyes and actually look around.

Despite lacking the omnipresent greyish tint of closed space, this situation was rapidly approaching the eeriness of that strange environment: a purple man; a cyborg; a gaijin child spouting something about heroes... and another westerner in an antiquated suit. The backdrop of stars suggested a science-fiction type scenario and the presence of my uniform implied Haruhi was behind it, much like last time.

Does anyone know where we are, aside from space?

Yes, Kyon is confusing. On the other hand, that's why she's such fun. Quotation marks... are notably absent. Reply, don't—it's never entirely clear whether she's speaking or just thinking, given the internal monologue. Eheheheheheh~

But, um, yeah, I'll note any important things in spoilers. She's stood up, for a start. About a foot taller than Gilgaloli, too.
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Magical Girl Ripper Jack lay, quietly, on the floor. She hadn't yet awakened. Instead, she was still dreaming of... food. Lots and lots of food. Well, that was certainly a nice thing to dream about, especially as far as she was concerned. Food was wonderful, and so very valuable. But that wasn't all...

In the dream, Jack was having ice cream. It was wonderful thing, ice cream, though Jack didn't precisely understand how it worked. It was that kind that was all black and white, with bits of cookie in it... cookies and cream? That was the right name for it. Since Jack had to dwell in her magical girl palace outside of reality, she didn't get ice cream too much. Which... didn't really matter, but ice cream was nice to have... But that wasn't the best part. The best part was who was sitting beside her.

It was a woman, somewhere in her thirties. She had Jack's blue eyes and hair, she was... she was similar to Jack. A parent. Her Mother. Jack continued eating her ice cream, and then, when she was finished, she wrapped her arms around her Mother and hugged her. Her Mother returned the hug with a grin.

In her sleep, Jack's lips curled into a smile.

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Ginyu looked to the young King of Heroes and then the sleeping girl in the black dress. He whispered, not wanting to wake the latter. He holstered his gun and put his long coat over her to keep her warm while she slept.

"That settles 't, we`re killin' whoe'r`s responsible fer this. They kidnapped children."
...and that's terrible.
All the Doctor did after Ginyu and the Baron introduced was clap his hands and smile. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver, rushing over to the Baron, and proceeded to scan him:

"Oh, this is amazing! A body made entirely out of steel, with a human brain, and not a single bit of Cybermen technology! And you, oh, mister bulky pirate! I'll guess you're an alien, since your skin is, you know, purple! Oh, this is wonderful, simply amazing! I'm on a spaceship with an alien pirate and a robot with a brain!"

It was at this point that he turned around and spotted not only Gil, but also Jack. His smile immediately disappeared, as he placed the sonic screwdriver inside his coat's pocket. He clasped his hands, looking for something to say, and then pointed directly at Ginyu:

"No. No killing. I agree with you, kidnapping children is not the right thing to do, but no one is going to murder anyone while I'm on this spaceship."

"I'd like to disagree."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow, and turned around to see Sokka bending water out of his pouch. The water floated in front of him before dividing into small water balls, which then turned into ice spikes, all of them pointed at Ginyu, the Baron and the Doctor. With a determined look in his face, the Prince said:

"Don't move. It looks like I'm in some sort of Fire Nation prison... surrounded by atrocities. I could not care less for the children, but all of you... you disgust me. A man that hides himself in armor... and another one whose skin is all purple. Truly, you are all abominations. I will find my way out of this wretched prison, and I'll make sure to send a few ships to end your poor little lives, and rescue the children."

The Doctor raised his hands defensively, slowly approaching Sokka:

"Hey, listen. Stop with the ice spikes."

"Why should I?"

"Because, right now, I believe that we are the only way out of here. Don't you think it's a little weird that I, a Time Lord, have suddenly been transported to a ship with an alien captain and a robot man?"

"... what are you talking about, you madman?"

A little smirk appeared on the Doctor's face as he pointed to the giant window behind him. The ship just so happened to pass by a planet just as the Doctor said:

"You're in space, friendo."

"... By Sedni..."

"Now, your first reaction will be one of fear. You're in a place that, and this is just a guess, your people have never visited. But right now, you need to calm down, and focus. We all need to find out why we are here. There's obviously a pattern, a connection between all of us, and we need to find out what that connection is. And before we continue... I'm the Doctor. Nice to meet you all. Any guesses?"

Sokka, however, was reacting in a whole different way to the news. He bent the water back into his pouch, and slowly sat down on a nearby blue and white seat. Trembling, he looked at his hands, and then slapped himself, almost as if trying to wake up from a dream. After multiple slaps, punches and pinches, he gave up, groaning, and banging his head against a nearby console. The Baron, who was nearby, could clearly hear him mutter:

"... this has to be some sort of Fire Nation drug... it has to be..."

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Aww, son of a bitch
Slowly, more and more of his fellow captives began to wake. While he was less than inclined to agree with Captain Ginyu, he had to wonder why their captor had chosen to take such young specimens. There weren't all that many children, excluding the sleeping girl in the frilly costume and the ten-year old who appeared to be introducing herself as the 'King of Heroes'. Rather loudly, in fact. There was also the sharply dressed one with green hair who he managed to catch in the corner of his eye, but he doubted that was a child. At least, not one without some severe deformity.

As the man with the bow tie approached him, waving that instrument of his around, Heinrich jerked back a bit in surprise and slight discomfort before settling down. While he was less than comfortable with being scanned, he supposed that this whimsical stranger wouldn't be much of a threat. That done, the man then proceeded to address the group as a whole, introducing himself as The Doctor and attempted to calm his fellow captives.

The metal man nodded a greeting toward the Time Lord, as he'd called himself. A curious title, that. Was it one born of egotism or ability? He'd have to ask later. And what was he a doctor of, anyhow? He didn't seem much like a scientist, though then again neither did the baron. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Doctor. I am Baron Heinrich von Helsingard, at your service." He gave a small bow, though not an especially noticeable one.

The other human, the one with the scar who had manipulated the water in his pouch through almost no effort of his own, didn't seem to be taking things as well as the others. He supposed he would have to make some effort to get him acclimated, though he was already beginning to doubt his ability with people. Not that he doubted himself often, but when he did it was usually with good reason. Approaching the heavily-clothed young man from behind. Helsingard put a hesitant hand on his shoulder. "I am afraid this is no hallucination, young man. We are as real as can be."

Clearly, he'd need a bit more practice with this whole 'comforting' thing.
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Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Roy Harper was not suppose to be in this unknown room.

The last thing he remembered, he was wearing his costume (complete with domino mask and weapons) since he left North America to be in an undisclosed location in the mountains. The place was perfect, giving him time to think of the things that went through in his entire life.

Including the part where he found out that he's nothing but a clone of a person.

"I was suppose to be in my meditation period." The archer murmured to himself. "Did the Light kidnap me or something?"

He frowned.

"This better not be Sportsmaster's work or I'll beat him so bad that he can't get up anymore."
"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
Scott woke to the sound of voices, something that hadn't occurred in a while. Groaning he raised his head and looked over at the source. Spotting the strange group, Scott froze for a moment...

Before yelling, "Shut up and let me sleep!" and promptly rolling over and doing just that.
What? Where am I?

Suddenly, a vision of several people inside what seems to be the interior of an ultra-futuristic spaceship. Their mouths move but there are no words that can be heard.

I see. It's this vision yet again.

The vision speeds up in the manner of a VCR tape being fast forwarded, but it's pretty easy to notice that the sped-up vision displayed all sorts of places, from the alien, to the tranquil, to the hellish.

What does it all mean?

The vision slows down to show the people from earlier arguing among themselves over a "wish" before abruptly cutting to show several of them lying on beds with serious injuries.

Stop it...

Another cut and the vision now shows a pair of black-gloved hands covered in blood with the right hand holding a knife.

I don't want this...

It then cuts and slows down to show a great, terrible being wreathed in light and radiating incomprehensible power; it raises it's hand and prepares to fire a powerful attack.

No more... No more!
The ones that have already roused from their slumber should notice one of the unconscious bodies, specifically a black-clad and helmeted adult man shuddering, twitching and pathetically whimpering like he's having a terrible nightmare.

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Pit came to slumped against the wall. Upside down. As soon as she did, she immediately fell forwards, winding up face down on the hard metal floor with a thump.


She stood up, and shook the stars from her eyes.

"Well, wherever this is, it isn't the Skyworld." She muttered to herself, possibly loud enough for everyone to hear, and looked around at the... strange group she was with.
"Yup. That tasted purple."
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"I humbly request you to stand and fight!" demanded the armoured man, waving his spear menacingly. Subaru would have preferred not to, but the officer — he was from the Sengoku era from the look of his armour — stood between her friend Zhao Yun and his lord Liu Bei.
"Alright, let's go, Mach Caliber!" she said.
She skated toward the officer, who rushed toward her, spear lowered, and drew her armoured hand back.
A blue mana circle formed around her wrist, and Revolver Knuckle's Knuckle Spinner began to spin.
"Revolver... Shoot!"
The energy that was condensing around Revolver Knuckle took the form of a sonic boom and launched itself at the officer, tearing through his armour and throwing him back to slam on Koshi Castle's wall.
Subaru skated past the officer, not looking back... then she felt something strike her head, and everything went black.
Orochi was defeated; the Sun family fought as one and struck the Serpent King down. Fate Testarossa Harlaown, formerly an Enforcer of the TSAB and now one of the Little Conqueror Sun Ce's followers, stood in Koshi Castle's inner courtyard, leaning on the wall.
She was tired; she fought — and neutralised — quite a lot of Orochi's officers and soldiers. It saddened her to see the bodies of the dead strewn around. Still, now that the Serpent King was dead, and so was his strategist, Da Ji, she could hope that peace would come to this land.
She swooned. It seemed that she was more tired than she thought... She sat down, resting her back on the wall, before everything turned black.
Slowly, Suabru came to. She groggily sat up. Looking around, she blinked and looked around again. This wasn't Koshi Castle — in fact, it looked more like a space-ship than anything else.
The sound of voices caused her to notice that she wasn't alone.
This settles it, she thought, these guys don't sound like Zhao Yun's company... I can't hear Magoichi flirting.
Carefully, she stood up.
“Mach Caliber?” she asked.
”I am here,” noted the Intelligent Device.
“This isn't Koshi Castle...” Subaru muttered and massaged her brow. Her head still hurt. She looked around some more, noticing the unconscious people still sleeping on the floor... Most of them she didn't know, but one seemed familiar. Gingerly, she skated toward that person, and crouched near her.
“Fate-san?” she asked, surprised. What was the captain of Lightning Squad doing here? What was going on?
By then, one of the other captives was blabbering something about a pattern, being kidnapped, and so on.
“Hey, can you guys speak a little more quietly, please?” she asked.
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"Abomination? Listen here ye scarred jackass, I be Captain Ginyu The Annihilator! Th' strongest buccaneer in th' Frieza Empire! I destroyed tha entire island a' Saiya by SHOUTING at it!"

As Ginyu's voice got closer and closer to shouting, a glow could be seen from inside his mouth. Then, Subaru spoke up.

"Ah. Sorry lass."

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Gilgamesh was growing increasingly annoyed at the people talking as if she wasn't there; as if she was just another child. Fools! She was the first hero and two-thirds god, true owner of all the world's treasures. Could any of them claim as much? Of course not. Most of her weapons were too heavy to lift or wield in this state and these idiots didn't deserve to bathe upon the majesty of the Gate, so that ruled out using Enkidu at its full capability, so...

"Mongrels, know your place!" the blonde child demanded, the arms of her teddy bear inexplicably converting to chains that she attempted to ensnare the annoying man in the suit with, motions showing vast practice with these things. It helped that the chains themselves provided their own momentum, "Stop acting as if I am one to ignore and coddle!"
Good grief*... everyone had been awake for less than three minutes and there was already arguing? Over whether or not violence was an option, no less. I'm not going to rule out violence as a course of action in all situations, though for most it is vastly inappropriate, but just what is the point of violence when there's nothing to be violent towards?

Hey, hadn't you better stop fighting each other in case whatever captured us decides to attack?

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Scott growled and felt around blindly for his pillow, hoping to put it over his head to block out the annoying sounds. Grabbing nothing but air and cold steel, he rolled himself onto his back and sat up.

"What the hell did I just say?!" Scott properly noticed who the source of the voices really were. "Uh... you're not the homeless guy who keeps finding his way in. What the hell are you guys? Cause some of you are pretty damn ugly."
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Fate slowly came to. Expecting to see Sun Shang Xiang's face, the fact that, instead, she was staring up to a certain blue-haired girl's came as a shock.
"Subaru...?" she asked.
"Fate-san! You're awake!" said Subaru. She leaned and whispered something in Fate's ear.
"Zhao Yun... I have heard of him from Sun Ce," she told Subaru. Then it dawned on her. "You were also thrown into that world?"
"Indeed," said Mach Caliber. "A Dimensional Transfer spell went awry and stranded us on that planet."
Subaru turned to Gilgamesh.
"Hey, chill down, kiddo," she said. "And please speak quietly, I've one hell of a headache..."
"The Dark Side is a pathway to digestion problems some consider... unnatural." -Flanker 66
The black-clad man's nightmare seems to have intensified, as he was now convulsing and spasmming about like a gutted fish all while muttering: "It's scary" and "Stop it".

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"...Ahhhn.~" A sigh of pleasure emanated from the woman seated at the head of a table. "Fruit of the Rainbow indeed... 7 different flavors of equal intensity..." Dropping her eating utensil, the hunter cried tears of joy as her body went through the pleasure of ingesting the single spoonful. In front of her was the incredible dish itself, the flan much more dense than its gelatin like appearance gave off. The very air about it looked like an aurora simply due to the cold dessert adjusting to room temperature.

"..." Reveling in the feeling of the fruit circulating about her body, Toriko sat back on her chair with a smile. "No matter how much I eat this, it shall always be miraculous." Glancing out the window, she looked down at the city from her perch, the majority of businesses being eateries of various kinds. "This is the Gourmet Era. There are tastes out there that I need to sample." Grabbing a new piece of cutlery once more, the woman attempted to scoop another biteful of the morsel worth its weight in gold. With that, she was gone from her seat.

Reappearing in the new hold, along with many others. "My food... I didn't get to finish it." The slightly irate woman said as she removed the cloth napkin from its tuck. "Where is this?" Glancing about, the muscular woman attempted to gain bearing on her surroundings.

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Terumi was astounded at the kind of ninnies he'd apparently been stuck with, mostly because it meant that his skill at avoiding being kidnapped were no better than these nitwits. Scarface would probably jump at the chance to attack whatever a 'Fire Nation' was, a precocious little girl (well, bigger than him, but still...) with an ego was copying his chain schtick, and he was embarassed that the purple one would call himself 'Captain' with a straight face, even if his own 'Captain' title meant something different. Really, the only guy he could really tolerate out of this bunch was the teenager with the broken heart on his shirt; save for when the insults were directed at him, Terumi had always liked those that weren't afraid to speak their minds.

Looking around at some of the bodies that hadn't awoken yet, the foot-high man noticed a girl with white hair and a frilly dress. Chibizama couldn't help but notice that some drool was escaping from her smiling mouth; she was probably dreaming about food like some dumb mutt. Deciding to take advantage of the fact that he hasn't spoken once since getting here, Chibizama quickly kicked her in the face before willingly going limp. In a best-case scenario, she'd mistake him for some ridiculously handsome doll and blame someone else for the attack.
Sokka was quick to push the Baron away- or at least, his hand, because even if the prince's travels did make him stronger, he didn't have the strenght to push that hunk of metal away. He turned to face him, furrowing his brows, and gritting his teeth:

"Get away from me, you monstrosity."

The Doctor, however, kept letting out gleeful squeals everytime someone new woke up. He had to contain his wishes to just walk up to them and scan them, but realising the situation was out of control, he quickly raised his screwdriver, ready to press the "make really annoying noise" button... until a little girl threw a couple of chains around his arm. Surprised by the chains, he immediately turned to the girl, and proceeded to mumble a couple of words that could only be described as "what, what, WHAT?!" In fact, he was ready to start a full-on argument with the girl, when a voice, a male voice, a voice that sounded extremely powerful, echoed through the ship:


The voice was enough to shut everyone down, and to also wake up anyone that was going through a nightmare, or a sweet sweet dream. The Doctor looked around, an eyebrow raised:

"Now this... is unexpected development. Who are you?"

"I am the Voice."

"And... why are we here?"

"The answer to that question is simple. You have all been brought here to partake in a little hunt. Your lives all have glaring mistakes that you always wished to fix, but never found the power to do so. Well, I am giving you all a chance. A chance to participate in a hunt."

"And what will this hunt give us, o powerful Voice?"

"Once the hunt is finished, all of you will receive a wish of lower magnitude. With that wish, you may wish for whatever you want, whatever you desire. Any questions?"

The Doctor looked around at the eyes of all the people around him. This was bad. He knew that when humans were faced with a choice that may change their lives forever, they always went to the bad route. He sincerely hoped these people didn't do that.
The Booming voice woke up the black clad man.


Unsteadily getting up and very nearly falling over again, The masked man in black frightfully looked at everyone around him and then at the walls ceiling and window, afterwards he began to clutch the sides of his head, go into a fetal position before muttering in an extremely frightened voice.

"No Way... nowaynowaynowaynowaynoway..."

The man continued to mutter until the voice said something about a wish. In where the man stopped muttering and stood up before screaming at the top of his lungs and pointing at the ceiling.


It was perfectly clear that the man was quite out of touch with the reality that most sentient beings perceive.

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Fate and Subaru both covered their ears. Their headache was only beginning to alleviate, but then both the Voice and the masked man started shouting.
"Can you guys please talk less loudly?" asked Subaru, though inside she wondered why she was bothering. It seemed that some people, just like Lu Bu and Honda Tadakatsu, could not talk in a normal voice.
Slowly and carefully, Fate got up, leaning on the wall for support. The wish the Voice offered her tempted her... She still regretted not being able to save her mother.
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Ginyu adjusted his hat again.

"Temptin' as the offer of a wish like immortality or a map to One Piece might be, I'd rather jest get back to me ship and me crew."
...and that's terrible.

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