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I am a new user, just registered yesterday. When I open forum threads, at the bottom where I imagine there would be a reply button, it instead says "There will be an add post button here in 24 hours". But it's been saying 24 hours for at least 12 hours, since I first saw it last night. I am able to start a new topic in this forum, though, but I probably won't be able to respond to it. Is all of this supposed to be happening? I just want to make sure. Thanks.
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From what I remember of being new, it'll say 24 hours until you're able to post; it doesn't update. (When you are able to post, you can only do so once every ten minutes until you aren't tagged as "new"; this is a measure against spammers and their kin, since one was once able to do 75 threads before a mod was around, IIRC.) Starting new threads is slightly different, and I don't know if that's just an oversight or a deliberate feature. Your first thread in a forum won't make the forum herald's welcomebot send you a PM, for instance, though replying to the thread will.

If you have any questions about what I just said — especially if I used terminology that isn't clear! — feel free to reply in this thread once you can, or PM me (which may or may not be faster). Welcome to TV Tropes! smile
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There is a limit on the number of threads being started at once IIRC.
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Only in TRS (400) and IP (250? 300?). The others haven't got limits, though some get cleaned of dead threads every so often.
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Yup, had this problem too. And same solution: Patience Tis a Virtue...LEARN IT evil grin I really can't. [lol]
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Just exit and come back the very next day. That's how I did it.
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grin heeey that's weird— I was looking for the add post button on the 'newbie's introduction' too but can't find it and in this thread I can see it

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The "add post" button only appears at the bottom of the last page of a thread. Are you looking for it on the first one? If so, that works here because this thread is only one page long, but the Introductions thread is much bigger so you need to go to the last page.

Oh, and for now I'll count this as your intro post. :P Welcome!

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I was recently suspended, the thing is, I have no idea way. I've only ever tried to fix spelling and punctuation errors. And I try not to be rude about my opinions. So if someone could lift my suspension, or at least tell me what I did wrong so I wont do so again in the future. I'd very much appreciate a response.
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You want here to find out why you were Suspended.
The system doesn't know you right now, so no post button for you.
You need to Get Known to get one of those.

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