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Ability, skill, bonus, extra effect, I don't care what you're calling it. The point is you only get it with all the pieces. If the hat of hatliness gives +1 attack and the sword of swordliness gives +1 attack and you wear them together and get +2 attack, it's not this trope. If you get a +1 gearliness bonus for wearing both of them, for a total of +3 attack, then it's this trope. It's pretty simple.

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The description is really broad also because it's not exclusively about games.
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We're not disagreeing on what the trope means, or how broadly it applies, just the use of the word "ability"—it has a pretty specific meaning in the context of games such that most examples of the trope wouldn't seem to qualify based on the current write-up. A broader word like "benefit" wouldn't throw gamers for a loop.

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Bumping this to get it resolved. Have we come to a conclusion about "ability"? It seems silly to hold this topic open just for one word.
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What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Set Bonus has a strong overlap with Full Set Bonus: both are about how carrying multiple items of a same set gives you a power that carrying one item does not.

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