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So I found a copy of "Programming Role Playing Games with Direct X" at the local library, and after doing some reading it got me to thinking that it might be a blast to try and actually make my own 2-dimensional JRPG, like the old Final Fantasy NES titles (I figure that would be easier than, say, attempting 3-d modelling - if it did come to that, I'd probably just make all the enemies "evil cube", "sinister sphere"...). The problem, though, is that I have very little actual programming experience beyond taking a course on C++ back in highschool, and the few source materials that I have on the topic, like the book mentioned above, mention nothing about sprite animations (the book is meant for people familiar with 3-d modelling, so its a bit out of my league, though still useful in some ways, like when it comes to designing menus), nor how you would even go about doing the artwork for such a game.

So what I'm wondering is, could someone point me in the right direction? Surely there must be some resources out there on the web that could get me started, or barring that maybe there's a book or two on the subject. I'd prefer to do my programming from the ground up, though, mostly because I want to learn how to program and this seems like a good little project to familiarize me with the syntax, so I'm not asking for some "RPG creator" software.
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That's terrifying.
[up]If your skills are rusty bordering on non-existent, something as complicated as an RPG would probably not be the best idea... I would recommend prototyping each of the different components before attempting to make the actual game. (e.g. make a simple sprite-based scrolling shooter so you can master using 2-D graphics)
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[up]That's a good idea - practice with something simpler to hone skills. Thanks.
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I know you're not looking for "RPG Maker" software, but the site for RPG Maker has some good tutorials on artwork.
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[up]Thank you. I'll check it out. I'm decent enough when it comes to drawing things with pencil, but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to working with the computer, but hopefully with practice I'll make it work smile.
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If you want to make your own JRPG, you have to be in japan first...

LOL, joke. RPG Maker is the best starting point. But you also need to learn:

> Programming

> Graphics Design

> Music Composing

if you want something epic.
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[up]Or you can be like me and simply find a team to handle the rest of it.

Though a lot of work has to be done before you have even a small chance of finding anyone.
[up]Well I do have a friend who likes to compose music, so I was hoping he would cover that. Obviously though I'm not going to bug him about it until I have an alpha version - maybe in a few months or years, haha.

What do you all think of me doing a visual novel instead of an actual RPG for practice first? Those shouldn't require too much programming, right?
Question (slightly off-topic), are JRP Gs always turn-based?
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That's terrifying.
[up][up]It would help you practice telling an interactive story, without being overly taxing.
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[up][up] No. For instance, these is the Star Ocean and Tales series. Both are good examples of JRPG Action RP Gs.

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Visual novels take a week or so if you're lazy.

So it should be easy.

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Being a former student of computer science has it's merits if you're looking for a team.
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That is also true.

But, in a general sense, you have to have something to make people want to join. that would qualify.

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[up]It isn't so much laziness, as the fact that I think the suggestion that I make simpler games first before jumping into the more advanced stuff makes some sense, and with a visual novel I can at least bring what I feel are my best strengths - artwork and storytelling - to bear. I like to think of it as practice.
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I know you said you're not looking for an RPG Maker, but I'd highly recommend it if you're working alone or mostly alone. There's no shame in not coding an engine from scratch - not even commercial developers do this, for the most part. Not to mention that most engines of that type come with a bunch of free resources to use.

There's simply too much work to do yourself to do all the programming from scratch, the vast amount of art you'll need, the writing, and the game balance.

I hung out in the amateur game dev community for years - 99% of those that start a project don't finish, because there is so very much work involved. And that's with the head start an engine like RPG Maker gives you.
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[up]I worry that I'd learn how to use the editor and only the editor, though, and then I'll be limited by that editor in what I can do. For instance, I'm somewhat leaning towards making it a bit of a tactical rpg, like Fire Emblem, and apparently RPG Maker simple doesn't tolerate such things without some serious tricks up your sleeve.

For now, I'm thinking I'll just start with a Visual Novel to get some practice in with computer graphics, introduce myself to some basic things like menu design, and get used to programming a simple game engine. If at that point I decide that it is too much to handle on my own, I'll reconsider using an editor.
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I didn't mean to imply that you were lazy. I merely stated that even a lazy person could finish rather quickly.
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^^ Actually, while it's difficult to code a TBS in RPG Maker XP/VX/VX Ace, it's easier than doing so from scratch. There is also an excellent plug and play script for tactical RPG battle systems out there.
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