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XBLA Gamecore cap now 400, possible 800:

Jonah Falcon
Just more evidence XBLA and retail is being blurred. PSN as well, via association.
Jonah Falcon
 2 Known Unknown, Mon, 12th Mar '12 9:09:05 AM from Here. There. Everywhere.
Fresh For 2014
Er... well... I like having more gamerscore... I guess... but...

I see this either alienating smaller games or causing a lot of "Achievement Unlocked: Opened The Options Menu!"

edited 12th Mar '12 9:09:19 AM by KnownUnknown

"My final prayer: O my body, always make me a man who questions!" — Frantz Fanon
 3 Spirit, Mon, 12th Mar '12 9:18:00 AM from America Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Scumbag Lee
I'm okay with this. Though I'm not sure I see the point.
There are none so blind as those who will not see.
Knouge forever!!
SWEET! This doesn't quite make up for that rumor about a lousy new Xbox that doesn't use discs and forbids used games.
I am completely, utterly, and thoroughly done with Sola Sonica and 2D
Jonah Falcon
Well, XBLA games are getting bigger. Something like Ms. Pac-Man, yeah, 200 GS is okay. But then you have games like Shadow Complex, and it felt like there were way too few cheevers.
Jonah Falcon
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