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Before it switched to this whole approval system, OTC generally frowned upon threads that opened with just "link, discuss". I'm wondering why this policy isn't in place throughout the whole message board.

I'm aiming my sights squarely at the Video Game board, where far too often a thread is made with a link to a video/outside website, and no information present in the OP. A bit painful on my phone, which will let me open normal pages but doesn't support video. A lot more painful if I'm browsing on my Kindle, which doesn't support opening web pages in another window or tab.
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It's actually already in The Forum Rules. Quoting Madrugada:
* Don't make "link-discuss" threads. Use the Article Dump if all you want to do is call attention to an article you read. Or, if it's something about writing, or would be of specal interest to writers and aspiring writers, you can put it in the Writer's Block Article Dump.

I think it's simply of rules being inconsistently enforced. Try to holler the relevant posts - the holler links you back to the hollered item.
Oi christ, and here I was damn sure I'd read through the entire thing before making this thread.

Gratsi, friend.
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My impression is that the guy who does that the most is paid for every pageview he gets for his articles. (Then again, he also does that for articles written by other people, so that might just be his style.)

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That's Feo . . . He's a disgusting, mysoginistic, paedophilic asshat who moonlights as a shitty writer—Something Awful
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Holler them. I check on any threads that look like they might be that kind, or complaint threads based on titles, but I don't check all of them.
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