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Welcome to Nikocan city. It seems normal at first, but once you look closely, you begin to see strange things. Youma, beasts of horror and despair, Tsukaima, creatures sent to fight those dark beasts that shatter dimensions, and Mageus, otherwise ordinary girls and boys thrust into a situation almost out of an anime. Legend of six Mageus, One with eyes of Victoria Blue, one with eyes of Vermilion, one with eyes of Vitellary, one with eyes of Verdigris, and a leader with eyes of Viridian, has them destined to finally end the unknown reign of Youma. Surprisingly enough, they all happened to go to the same High School: Apricot High.

There, the six girls will find themselves on a strange adventure. A tale of magic, of danger, one that might lead them to their doom. Or even show that their original lives would lead them to doom instead.

Dimentional Mageus V is a Magical Burst RPG that stars six girls with odd eye colours as seen above. The Magical Burst Rule sheet is here: http://yarukizero.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/magical-burst-3.pdf

—-Sign Up—-

Eye Colour: (One of the six above, only one of each! Note: The one with Viridian eyes is the leader, no ifs or buts!)

Name: (This is obvious.)

Age: (14-17, They're in high school.)

Mageus Name: (Optional, also obvious. Note: You can call the Leader Dimentional Mageus V if you want, but it's entirely up to you.)

Appearance: (What they look like, duh!)

Mageus Costume: (What their transformed outfit looks like. Note: Must match the eye colour of the Magical Girl. Also, if you get Albino, add that to appearance (An Albino in all but eye colour).)

Mageus Element: (Their magical Element.) -Mageus Element Effect: (The ability they get from their element.)

Mageus Power: (Their magical power.) -Mageus Power Effect: (The ability they get from their power.)

Finishing Attack: (As seen in the guide.)

Mageus Weapon: (The Weapon they use in Mageus form.)

Normal Stats: (The normal stats as explained in the guide.)

Mageus Stats: (The Magic stats as explained in the guide.)

Personality: (You know the drill.)

Why she became a Mageus: (The reason they became a Mageus.)

Wish: (Their wish when (if) they get 13 Oblivion Seeds.)

(Crisis aren't avalible because A: It might mess up the whole story if one of the players randomly rolls "I learned a terrible secret about how magic works, and I think I have to keep anyone else from becoming a magi-cal girl." and B: They only become Mageus by the middle of episode one, give or take. Everyone shares a Crisis in episode 3.)

It doesn't matter how you create your character. Whenever out of your head completely, taking inspiration from the random tables in the guide, using the random tables themselves, or anything in between. If I think they would pretty much destroy the plot (Note: I'm only railroading a little, but wishing for the world to end would be abrut.) You'll have to change it to whatever you like. (If it happens three times, this isn't your lucky day: try again.)

This better not get ignored: I worked an hour on this!
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