How do I Link Internally Using Words Other Than the Title of the Page?:

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This is probably obvious, but I really can't figure it out, and I can't find anything that tells me how.

Incase the title didn't explain well enough: How do you link internally(like using double { to make a wikiword) without using the title of the article being linked to. e.g. Rather than say "Bob the evil genius had a dog. He would often pet the dog." say "Bob the evil genius had a dog he loved dearly.", and link to pet the dog using words dog-through-dearly.

If this is already somewhere else, I'm sorry(but I couldn't find it).
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However, also take a look at Sinkhole. The example you used (Pet the Dog) would be a Sinkhole, since Pet the Dog has nothing to do with liking the dog, or even literally petting a dog.

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