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Wasteland 2:

Jonah Falcon
I think the dog was going for being a canine Trollface.
Jonah Falcon
 527 thatother1dude, Sun, 7th Oct '12 11:04:12 PM from Continuous State of Missouri Relationship Status: Mu
the website makes your cursor look like it is when running an old PC game

That's kinda cool.

my cursor gets stuck that way even when I leave the site and close the browser

That's less cool. How the hell do I fix this?

EDIT: Rebooting at least changes it back, but I'd like to be able to visit the site without having to do that every time.

edited 8th Oct '12 1:32:44 AM by thatother1dude

Of no signigifacne
Concept art/portrait of the new Synth enemy

Fargo: Would you like to see one of the Synths from Wasteland 2? These guys are going to cause much grief for you.

edited 30th Oct '12 6:01:57 PM by ShadowScythe

 529 Tam H 70, Sat, 3rd Nov '12 1:36:11 PM from 合計虐殺 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
War ALWAYS changes. Man does not.
That guy looks uncannily like Scar from Stalker: Clear Sky.
 530 ROTHY, Sat, 3rd Nov '12 3:03:26 PM from America Relationship Status: Brony
Pici Generati
I wanna see the skinless mutants next!
Super High School Level Tropers get bored too, you know.
 531 Spooky Mask, Sat, 3rd Nov '12 11:21:36 PM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
I wonder how many people didn't notice that Synth is doll robot guy tongue
Time to change the style, for now
 532 Devil Take Me, Sun, 4th Nov '12 3:31:38 AM from Wild Wasteland
Coin Operator
They were in the first game, but their presence was never, ever explained.
 533 Spooky Mask, Sun, 4th Nov '12 4:15:26 AM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
I was talking about new people who check the picture fast and don't notice gears because of the darkness.

Wait, are they in old game with same name? I can't find pictures with search and only things referring to Synth and Wasteland is that pic tongue

edited 4th Nov '12 4:17:51 AM by SpookyMask

Time to change the style, for now
 534 Devil Take Me, Sun, 4th Nov '12 4:43:10 AM from Wild Wasteland
Coin Operator
Not the same name. IIRC they were called Newmen or something like that and hung around the Vegas sewers. They're supposed to get Character Development in WL 2.
Slightly unrelated but according to this blog post by Colin Mc Comb (he was Chris Avellone's second in writing Planescape Torment and is a writer on WL 2) and some investigation by a number of RPG sites it appears that Brian Fargo/inXile has the rights to Torment but not the Planescape setting.

Mc Comb says he'll follow up on what that means in a later blog post.

I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Eternity thread but I figured it was more relevant here since it's inXile who owns it.

edited 2nd Dec '12 7:20:28 PM by ShadowScythe

 536 Mukora, Sun, 2nd Dec '12 9:45:45 PM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
That's interesting. I was sure Obsidian had the rights.
I realized my signature's been empty for a while. I should fix that.
I think it was Atari or something after Iply lost the rights for whatever reason but either way it's shifted over to Fargo somehow.

If inXile pursues a Torment sequel we'll probably get another inXile/Obsidian collaboration like with Wasteland 2.

Another WL 2 screenshot.

 539 Tam H 70, Fri, 7th Dec '12 12:25:57 AM from 合計虐殺 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
War ALWAYS changes. Man does not.
Very atmospheric. Steam engine too.
 540 thatother1dude, Sat, 8th Dec '12 3:30:25 PM from Continuous State of Missouri Relationship Status: Mu
There was also an update recently giving some details on the skill system. Hope you like toast.

Did the original Wasteland come up with the idea of having starting skills based on stats (which is also used in Fallout), or is that even older?
Of no signigifacne
 541 Devil Take Me, Sun, 9th Dec '12 1:58:44 AM from Wild Wasteland
Coin Operator
Well, all console and computer roleplaying games share a common ancestry in Tabletop Games like Dungeons & Dragons and so forth.
 542 Tam H 70, Thu, 20th Dec '12 11:25:46 PM from 合計虐殺 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
War ALWAYS changes. Man does not.
Wasteland 2 news. Backers get a free Steam code for the Bard's Tale. Pack comprises the full Bard's Tale trilogy.

From the reward page:

"A FREE Gift - The Bard's Tale

As a special thank you, we would like to offer you a FREE copy of our beloved adventure RPG, The Bard's Tale, through Steam™. The Bard's Tale is available for either Mac or PC and includes all three of the original classics, The Bard's Tale 1, 2 and 3! This is our special FREE gift to you for supporting the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project!"

NCR Ranger
[up] I already got my copy. Though I've yet to really get to play it because I'm working so many hours. >m<
The NCR is like Tim Taylor. We need more POWER!!
 544 Spooky Mask, Fri, 21st Dec '12 11:38:56 AM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
Is Bard's tale good?
Time to change the style, for now
 545 LOEADITO Ox, Fri, 21st Dec '12 12:34:47 PM from Anywhere xcept here
 546 Spooky Mask, Fri, 21st Dec '12 12:46:49 PM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
Can you elaborate?
Time to change the style, for now
 547 Jeorg, Fri, 21st Dec '12 12:59:18 PM from Somewhere not here
Just got done downloading it, don't have time to play it, but I remember people calling it funny.

I almost didn't even remember I funded this way back when but now it may be the best $15 I threw away yet.
A love that crushes like a mace.
 548 Tam H 70, Sat, 12th Jan '13 1:29:40 AM from 合計虐殺 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
War ALWAYS changes. Man does not.
New update in the email this morning. Posted in full just in case you missed it in the flood of manhood enhancer spam, 8-)

"Project Update #22: The Update Before The Update

Posted by inXile entertainment

The team at inXile is filled with nervous energy to show off what we've been working on. As we're now in full production, we've been making some great strides with the game’s systems. There is still quite a ways to go, but we're near the point where we can show you all a bit of what you pledged to make a reality.

Within a month or so, you can expect a new update which will show a few minutes of actual gameplay. The video will follow a slice of the Agricultural Center, which was designed by Mr. Chris Avellone. You'll see a team of four Rangers running around in the world, some early working HUD elements, a few combat encounters, a taste of dialog, and the ranger team using some of their skills. We’ve been working on each of these systems separately and this is the first time we've put them all together to get a small sample of the gameplay experience. It's beginning to look like a real game!

Keep in mind that this is an early build and is intended as a progress report, not as a demonstration of final gameplay. As always, we want to hear your feedback! It has been a cornerstone of our development up to this point and we beg that you keep it coming as it will only result in a better game for everyone. We follow all channels available to us so let us know with a comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, forums, or by simply shouting very loudly.

We hope you'll see the potential.

If you'd like to get periodic details of the development process, you can also follow me on Twitter @Ranger Keenan. Thanks and we look forward to hearing your responses!

Chris Keenan - Producer"
 549 TAPETRVE, Sat, 9th Feb '13 6:16:02 AM from Rubacava Relationship Status: Love is for the living, Sal
"The living still give me the creeps..."
Finally, the time has come - Here's the first gameplay footage!
"I'm the Grim Reaper, Lardass, and you're my next customer!"
 550 thatother1dude, Sat, 9th Feb '13 8:29:54 AM from Continuous State of Missouri Relationship Status: Mu
If you fail some action, like breaking down or unlocking a door, what happens if you just try again in the original Wasteland? Does it have another chance of success, does it prevent that specific action from that specific character, or is it guaranteed to not work because its based on relevant skills with no element of chance?
Of no signigifacne
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