Kid less frightened by lion than... probably the average adult.:

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I can say that I specifically don't fear snakes, spiders, rats, or any other animal smaller than I am. (Though I do have a healthy respect for birds due to having had one as a pet, which you should read as "due to being bitten by one several times".)

In fact when I was a kid I positively LOVED snakes for a while.
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Actually, that lion looked more playful than aggressive... If visitors are annoying a lion and it tries to scare'em off, the display is much flashier and featuring way more teeth'n'claws.
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Why so serious?
Spiders, for the record, are strangely adorable.
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[up] Seconded. I wouldn't be surprised if fears of spiders had at least an innate component, given that a few subspecies do have lethal venom, hence weeding out those without a fear of spiders through natural selection... but the sheer perseverence and hard work of these creatures, combined with the realization that they help control populations of the real pests (ie. flies) makes them very lovable creatures.

[up][up][up] Not surprised birds are problematic. That seems to be a pattern by now; the Friend to All Living Things page mentions birds as being one of the few kinds of animals Steve Irwin of all people didn't get along with well.

Seriously, next time a work shows a cat killing birds, it shouldn't be in a Cats Are Mean light, it should be in a Pay Evil unto Evil light.

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[up]Not to mention the fact that they want to make sweet, forceful love to your pretty little head's backside:


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Snakes are nice, spiders not so much (edit[up][up]I do love spiders from a distance, but unlike with snakes wouldn't want to touch one) though I don't have a phobia. And if poisonous I'd keep a healthy distance to either.

With that glass you would definetly know wether it would be about to break. I think you'd get cracks first.

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My daughter's reaction:

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[up] See what I mean? tongue
"The Daily Show has to be right 100% of the time; FOX News only has to be right once." - Jon Stewart
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