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Is a completely stateless society possible?:

 226 warrior 93, Sun, 20th Oct '13 10:34:49 PM from North Carolina
So in an stateless society how will people produce and purchase entertainment like movies, video games, computers, game consoles, etc?

Also would an stateless society be basically the air nomads from Avatar without an Elder monk or Mother superior?
It shouldn't be a crime to be young
 227 Meklar, Sun, 20th Oct '13 11:07:49 PM from Milky Way Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
So in an stateless society how will people produce and purchase entertainment like movies, video games, computers, game consoles, etc?
Huh? The absence of government does nothing to eliminate either the supply or the demand for such things. Can you explain what you think is the problem here?

 228 warrior 93, Sun, 20th Oct '13 11:25:04 PM from North Carolina
From what I read most but not all forms of Anarchism are opposed to Capitalism and I don't see how entertainment will benefit in non capitalist societies. Or how people who produce entertainment will be paid because some anarchists believe in artificial markets, no private property, labor vouchers instead of cash, and no intellectual property.

Also how will stateless society will deal with investigating and preventing more covert crimes?

edited 20th Oct '13 11:25:28 PM by warrior93

It shouldn't be a crime to be young
 229 Nick The Swing, Fri, 1st Nov '13 6:59:35 PM from Ya really wanna know? Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
BFS Enthusiast
Wait a sec, so let me get this straight; a stateless society would do away with the police...if that is the case, then how would anyone be defended from serial killers and Mad Max style Warlords? You can't just throw random people guns and expect them to be gung ho badasses. Just arming everyone won't make everyone necessarily safer.

And let alone how this reeks of The Social Darwinist Creed; in stateless society, then those unfit and old and without good physical abilities could be very easily preyed upon by the strong. And would be.

And excuse me for saying it, but I do not find Moral Guardians to be such a horrible evil. You can just ignore them and what their cause of the week is. They just don't seem to be that menacing to me.

Stateless society basically assumes that people are naturally good, wholesome and nice, when the reality is that if the state and laws go away, then people will do as they damn well please for ill rather than good. Psychopaths who are only kept in line by the law will see fit to exact their fantasies on random passersby.

Even "normal" people have a low threshold in such a society before depravity emerges.
This feels like a repeat of the other thread.

It sounds more like you are opposed to specific forms of anarchy or statelessness rather than the concept in general.

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