Your Biggest, Most Epic Fights:

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Well, you can always look at the fights posted, and give your opinion on how much they help the plot or not. Then everyone wins.
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I can't really say that without a lot more context. As in, knowing the entire plot.

Edit: Come to think of it, the context issue is a problem with the original purpose of the thread as well, isn't it?

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78 PsychoFreaX21st Dec 2011 01:16:24 AM from Transcended Humanity
Well, ON the topic of epic fights. I'd say one of my biggest ones is at the end of the first arc when my four main characters fight a Humongous Mecha. The weak point is of course the cock pit but it's like hundreds of meters above the ground.

Now the mecha fires a bunch of canons at our heroes. The ice person creates a wall of ice blocking it. But once the wall of ice falls the guy with Charles Atlas Super Power lifts it with the Swiss Army Weapon girl jumping on. Strong guy throws the wall of ice really high. Next the Tag Along Kid fires a force blast to boost the wall of ice flying high in the air until the Swiss Army Weapon girl can jump off and create a giant axe and swinging it right at the cock pit winning the fight.

I mean, what's awesome about it is it's a long chain of stylish combination attacks right after the four just united and declared themselves a team, doing the all for one using special puzzle pieces. As demonstrated, they made a perfect team right away.

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